Survivor 44.3 “Sneaky Little Snake”

Survivor 442

Last night, Soka went to Tribal Council for the first time and Claire was voted out by a vote of 4-0.  Despite the fact that it appeared that the majority of tribe originally wanted to vote out Josh and Claire herself certainly seemed to think that Josh would be the target, Danny managed to talk Heidi and Frannie into voting for Claire instead.

Why was Claire targeted?  On the one hand, sitting out every immunity challenge was a good strategy as long as the team was winning the challenges.  Claire could say that she was doing what was best for the Tribe and setting aside her own ego.  But that also meant that, when the tribe finally did go to Tribal, it was easy for someone like Danny to convince everyone that Claire didn’t offer much to the Tribe.

To her credit, Claire realized that the target had shifted onto her when she couldn’t get a definite answer from Heidi as to how Heidi was planning to vote.  Claire gave up her vote and played her shot in the dark but, in her case, the shot in the dark turned out to be a waste.  With Matt having lost his vote at the Summit, only four people were left to vote and they all voted for Claire.

It really wasn’t that surprising.  The fact that the show included a segment on Yam Yam’s snoring and also Kane singing O Canada was an early clue that Tribal was going to be a cut-and-dried affair.

As for the rest of the show, Carson is trying to set himself up as a power player on Tika, Kane is trying to get back in everyone’s good graces on Ratu, and Danny is pretty much dominating things on the Soka Tribe.  Last night, we learned that Matthew has found an immunity idol and he also made a fake idol, which was found by Jaime.  Meanwhile, on the Soka tribe, Matt now has the fake idol that Danny put in the bird cage.

So, for those keeping track:

Carolyn, Danny, and Matthew all have real idols.

Matt and Jaime both have fake idols.

As for next week, supposedly the entire game is going to change.  Jeff Probst says that every week so we’ll see.

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