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For years, people have asked -- who is Dazzling Erin? Is she a myth or is she real? Angel or devil? Is the solution or is she the problem? Those people are thinking of a different Dazzling Erin. This Dazzling Erin is your typical sweet, shy girl who likes to take photographs and work out in the garden.

Survivor 37.11 “So Smart, They’re Dumb”

Last night’s episode of Survivor got off to a heart-warming start  when Jeff announced that it was time for the loved ones challenge.  I always like getting to see everyone’s family and friends on Survivor.  Sometimes, it allows us to see a new side of a player.

Angelina and Nick won the challenge and then selected Davie and Nick and their loved ones to share in the reward.  That meant that Alison, Kara, Gabby, and Christian had to say goodbye to their loved ones and return to camp.  Everyone, though, was really happy to get those few minutes with their loved ones.

Everyone except for Gabby, who was annoyed when she saw Christian with his girlfriend and heard him talking about how much he loved her.  Gabby said that this somehow showed her that it was time for her to turn on Christian and get him voted out at the next tribal council.  Gabby said that blindsiding Christian would look good on her “resume.”

(Raise your hand if you think Gabby was just upset about Christian having a girlfriend.)

After Christian lost the immunity challenge to Kara, Gabby thought that she had everyone on her side but she made the mistake of telling Davie.  Davie went to Christian and told him what Gabby was planning on doing.  Before Tribal Council, Christian tried to repair his relationship with both Nick and Gabby and tried to get them on board with voting out Alison.

At tribal, though, Christian decided to play it safe by playing his idol.  The five votes cast for Christian did not count.  However, because Angelina and Mike decided to cast their votes for Gabby (just in case Christian had the idol), Gabby was voted out and sent to the jury.  As she left, she yelled that she loved Christian and Christian shrugged.

There’s only two more episodes to go.  From the start of this season, Davie’s been my favorite and I hope he makes it to the end!

Lisa will be back next week so I’ll see everyone in the comments. 🙂



Suvivor 37.10 “Tribal Lines Are Blurred”

Hey, everyone.  Lisa’s on vacation so I’ll be covering Survivor this week and next.

At first, I thought last night’s episode of Survivor was going to be so easy to write about.  Nick found an idol and, at the end of the hour, the whole tribe voted out Alec because they thought he was too big of a challenge threat.  Alec knew he had to win immunity to stay but he didn’t because he ate so much at the reward challenge that he made himself sick and then Christian started telling one of his stories and Alec gave up.  Jeff snuffed Alec’s torch and he walked away.

But, after Alec left, the show didn’t end.  Instead, it kept going.

That’s when I discovered that last night’s episode was going to be two hours!

The second hour was all about the downfall of Carl.  Ever since using his nullifier to blindside Dan, Carl had been feeling pretty proud of himself.  He decided that he was the tribe’s “godfather” and that he was the one who would say who should be voted out next.  It worked when he wanted to target threats like Dan and Alec.  But then Carl decided that his next target would be Alison, it backfired on him.


After Davie won immunity, Carl thought he had a clear shot at Alison.  The problem is that Kara didn’t want to vote out Alison and both Christian and Gabby were tired of Carl acting like he was in charge. Angelina, Davie, and Nick all voted for Alison but Alison, Kara, Christian, and Gabby voted for Carl.  The swing vote came down to Mike and he decided to vote with the second group, so Carl ended up joining Elizabeth, John, Dan, and Alec on the jury.

Next episode, it looks like Gabby may finally be ready to turn against Christian and start playing for herself.  The same Gabby who can’t go a day without crying is planning on blindsiding the only person who has been keeping her in the game?  I wonder how that will work out for her?

We’ll find out next week!


Survivor 36 Episode 3 “Trust Your Gut”

Come on in, guys!

Lisa’s on vacation so I’m filling in for her this week.

Last night’s episode started with Jeff Probst announcing that they were changing up the way they were doing Ghost Island.  This time, whichever tribe won the reward challenge would send someone from the losing team to Ghost Island and that person would come back in time for Tribal Council.  Naviti won the challenge and a reward of peanut butter sandwiches and milk.  Since they couldn’t agree on who to send to Ghost Island, Malolo picks rocks and Kellyn got the white rock,

At Ghost Island, Kellyn got a chance to play for a special reward but she decided not to because she didn’t want to risk losing her vote at the next tribal council.  So far, Ghost Island hasn’t had much of an effect on the game.

During the immunity challenge, Naviti came from far behind to win, sending Malolo to tribal council.  Bradley decided that he was in charge and came up with a plan to trick the four original Malolo tribemates into thinking that the five former Navitis were going to target Stephanie while actually voting for either Brendan or Michael.

At Tribal, Michael pulled out his idol and lied, saying that he could use it to protect two people.  He made a plea to Sebastian and Chelsea, asking them to leave their current alliance and instead join the Malolo Four in voting out Bradley.  After the voting, Michael played his idol for Stephanie.  When the votes were read, no one flipped and the final vote was four for Bradley and 6 for Brendan.  If Michael had played the idol for Brendan, it would have been a game changer but instead, he wasted the idol and failed to break the curse.

Thank you for reading.  Lisa will be back next week!


Survivor 36 Episode 2: Only Time Well Tell

Hi, everyone.  Lisa’s on vacation.  My name is Erin and I’ll be filling in for her this week and next.

Last night’s episode started with Jeff Probst telling everyone to drop their buffs.  Is this the earliest that they’ve ever done a tribe swap?  Everyone was crying about having to switch and talking about how they felt like they were leaving family but they’ve only been together for a week.  With how much Naviti outnumbers Malolo, it would have made more sense to divided them into three tribes of six but instead, they do two tribes of 9.  Both tribes have 5 Naviti and 4 Malolo.

The new Malolo tribe consisted of Bradley, Brendan, Chelsea, Desiree, Jenna, Kellyn, Michael, Sebastian, and Stephanie. The new Naviti tribe consisted of Angela, Chris, Domenick, Donathan, James, Laurel, Libby, Morgan, and Wendell.

On the new Naviti Tribe, Chris tried to rally everyone to vote out Domenick but went overboard with telling everyone what to do.  Morgan switched her allegiance from Chris to Dom and hit it off with Libby.  Angela stayed loyal to Chris but still wasn’t sold on his plan.  On the new Malolo Tribe, Bradley got on everyone’s nerves by complaining about how much he hated his new camp while Michael and Brendan found one of James’s old idols from Survivor: China.

Malolo won immunity and because the new tribe couldn’t agree on who to send to Ghost Island, the Naviti Tribe had to pull rocks.  Chris got the white rock and went to Ghost Island.  He broke the urn and got a message that he wasn’t getting a game.  So, what’s the point of Ghost Island?  So far, only one person has gotten any advantage from going to Ghost Island and all the idols are being found around camp.

Because Chris was on Ghost Island, he didn’t have to go to Tribal.  WIth all of the old Naviti turning on each other, Wendell wanted to target Angela while Dom tried to win everyone over by showing them his fake idol.  James wanted to target Morgan.

At tribal, it looked like Angela was going to be blindsided but then Probst started reading votes for Morgan.  It was 4 votes for Morgan, 3 for Angela, and 1 for Libby and Morgan was voted out.  It was a good move by the Malolo team because it got ride of a big Naviti player and it also revealed that Dom and Wendell were trying to target Chris’s allies.

Morgan willed her legacy advantage to Dom so he gets the curse next.