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Survivor 43.12 “Telenovela”


Wow, that Jesse will just betray anyone!

Well, in all fairness to Jesse, betraying an ally is something that you sometimes have to do if you want to win Survivor.  I was surprised to see Jesse leading the effort to blindside Cody but I can understand his reasoning.  Cody was a challenge threat and Jesse obviously did the math and decided that it would be difficult to beat Cody in a final three situation.  Jesse may be right about that and, if Jesse does make it to the final three, he can now brag about how he managed to blindside the biggest threat in the game.  Jesse is the last strategic player left in the game and, if he can make it to the final three, he can make quite a case for himself.  Of course, I could just as easily imagine a bitter jury voting for anyone but Jesse.

With Cody gone, we are down to our final five players.

First off, there’s Jesse.  Jesse’s in a good spot but he’s going to have to hope that he can win that final immunity because I just don’t see anyone voluntarily taking Jesse to the final three.

Secondly, there’s Gabler.  Gabler talks a lot but it’s been a while since he’s really done anything big in the game.  He’s someone who I would want to take to the final three, if I was looking for someone who I could beat.

Third, there’s Owen.  Owen has survived, despite being a frequent target.  He may not be as strategic a player as Jesse but he’s also a bit more likable.  I could see Owen winning if the jury is angry at Jesse.

Fourth, there’s Karla.  Karla’s been on the outside on the majority of the votes and she’s been targeted several times but she’s always managed to survive.  Her immunity victory from two weeks ago will always be remembered, whether she wins the game or not.

Fifth, there’s Cassidy.  Cassidy’s main weakness is that she’s tight with Jesse.  If she and Jesse are in the final three, I imagine the jury will just dismiss her as just following his lead.

Who will win?  It’s hard to say because there’s really not a single one of them who isn’t capable of winning an immunity challenge and guaranteeing their spot in the final three.  This is a strong group and it should be a suspenseful finale.  I would say that Jesse’s the front runner but that’s also why I don’t think anyone’s going to voluntarily take him to the final three.

My prediction, for what it’s worth:

The final three will be Jesse, Cassidy, and Gabler, with Jesse winning the jury vote.

We’ll see what happens next week!

Survivor 43.11 “Hiding In Plain Sight”


Well, so much for Sami.

When this game started, I had mixed feelings about Sami.  I was creeped out by his profession as a “pet cremator” and I thought that he was too cocky for his own good.  He liked to strategize but he wasn’t particularly subtle about it and he never gave anyone much of a reason to trust him.  I was honestly expecting Sami to be one of the first people voted out.

Instead, he survived and, for a while, he thrived.  Even though I don’t think anyone ever really trusted Sami, he still always managed to paint someone else as being a bigger target.  He made it through the merge.  He nearly made it to the end and I do think that, if he had ended up in the final three, he  would have had a decent shot at winning.

But, last night, his luck ran out.  First, he made the mistake of admitting that he voted for Karla and then he tried to make Karla believe that Cassidy was the one who targeted her.  What’s interesting is that Karla kind of believed him but his actions reminded everyone else in the tribe of just how untrustworthy and sneaky he could be.  In the end, Sami knew he was going to be targeted and he played his shot in the dark.  (Remember those?)  The shot in the dark failed, Sami lost his vote, and he was exiled to jury by a vote 6 to 0.

(After three seasons, no one has successfully played their shot in the dark.)

Along with Sami’s downfall, this episode will be remembered for the large number of people who were safe from the vote.  Cody found an advantage that allowed him to “bet” on who would win the immunity challenge.  If Cody bet on the right person, Cody would also be safe.  Cody decided to bet on Owen and that was a smart decision as Owen did win.

Of course, so did Karla.

The competition was a brutal one.  The castaways hung underneath a grated steel barricade in the ocean as the tide rose.  The longer they held, the more time they would spend underwater and the more difficult it would be to breathe!  This would be a challenge that I would immediately fail at, as I’m claustrophobic and I have a fear of drowning.  However, both Owen and Karla hung onto the grate for so long that they actually outlasted the tide and, as a result, they were both given immunity.  Cody won his bet. 

That meant that three of the seven castaways were safe at Tribal.  Personally, I think that was a bit too many but still, Owen and Karla definitely earned their safety.

With Sami gone, we are down to six castaways and two episodes!  Karla no longer trusts Cassidy so we’ll see if the two remaining women are going to waste their time targeting each other or if they’re eventually going to realize that Jesse and Cody have the strongest alliance on the beach.

We’ll see what happens!


Sami, the newest member of the jury

Survivor 43.10 “Get That Money, Baby”


Hi, everyone!

I apologize for being late in posting this week’s recap.  Thursday was not only Thanksgiving but it was also my sister’s birthday!  I’m only now getting a chance to sit down and write out a few words about this week’s episode of Survivor.

I’m not really surprised that Noelle ended up getting blindsided.  I am a little bit surprised that it took as long as it did.  Noelle is not only a Paralympian and a challenge threat but she also has an inspiring backstory so, to me, she would definitely not be someone who I would want to be sitting next to in a final three situation.  I figured that Noelle would automatically become a target post-merge but, instead, Gabler had to get his revenge on the girls who searched his bag and James was so obnoxious that Noelle was able to fly under the radar until last night.

Noelle won the reward challenge last night, which was both good and bad.  On the one hand, winning the reward challenge meant that she got to read letters from her family.  On the other hand, it also meant that she had to decide who else would get to read letters and who would go back to camp empty-handed.  While Noelle, Sami, Jesse, and Owen were reading their letters, Cassidy was back at camp and trying to convince Gabler and Cody to vote out Noelle.

Noelle’s fate was pretty much sealed as soon as she didn’t win immunity.  The show didn’t even pretend that there was a possibility that Noelle wouldn’t be blindsided.  Instead, most of the second half of the episode was taken up with scenes of Jesse orchestrating Noelle’s blindside.  Jesse convinced Noelle and her strongest allies (Owen, Sami, and Karla) to split their votes while he got the rest of the tribe on board with all voting for Noelle.  Even Jesse was shocked at both how easy it was and also at how no one appeared to be targeting him and Cody.

Of course, Jesse may be getting too cocky.  Before tribal council, Gabler approached Karla and told her about the upcoming blindside, and he also told her that Cody and Jesse were becoming a dangerous duo.  So, Jesse and Cody might not be as safe as they think they are.  We’ll find out next week!

For now, Noelle is the newest member of the jury.  The final vote was 5-2-1.  Sami received one vote (for Noelle) and Karla received two (from Owen and Sami).

I hope everyone’s had a good Thanksgiving!  Again, sorry for the late post!


Noelle, the fourth member of the jury

Survivor 43.8 “Proposterous”


For all the talk of potential drama last night, I can’t say that I was surprised with what happened at tribal council.  Jeanine was the obvious target, especially with the previous two tribal councils taking out two of her allies.  Everyone knew that Jeanine no longer had her immunity idol.  As soon as Jeanine dropped out of the immunity challenge, I knew that Jeanine would be going home.

Of course, it didn’t help Jeanine that immunity was won by Owen.  James was considering going after Owen if he hadn’t won immunity, due to him being seen as being both personable and a challenge threat.  But that plan was abandoned after Owen proved to the last castaway standing at the immunity challenge.  (The challenge was a Survivor favorite, the one where the castaways had to balance a ball on top of a pole.)  Owen won and despite Sami and Cassidy suggesting that Ryan might be a bigger threat, the majority tribe ultimately made the easy decision of voting out Jeanine.  Cassidy and Jeanine voted for Ryan but the other 9 votes were all cast for Jeanine.

The most interesting development last night was that, though Jeanine thought that Dwight had left the game with her idol, it turns out that Jeanine was wrong.  Before going to tribal, Dwight actually gave the idol to Jesse.  So, Jeanine’s idol is still in the game but it’s now Jesse’s idol.  And Jesse is keeping that a secret from the rest of the tribe.  Good for Jesse!  I’m not sure why this season’s castaways have such a hard time keeping things a secret but it’s good to see that Jesse has figured out that you don’t have to blab about every advantage to the rest of the tribe.

Next week: two people will be joining Jeanine on the jury!

Til then….


Jeanine, the first member of the jury

Survivor 43.6 “Mergatory”


Gabler got his revenge!

Ever since this season’s second episode, I have been waiting for Gabler to get his revenge on Elie and Jeanine for searching his bag to find out when his idol expired.  And last night, the merge finally gave him his chance.  Of course, Elie helped him out by frantically making deal after deal with all of the castaways.  Once people started talking, it made it easy to see that Elie couldn’t be trusted.  By a vote of 7-2-2-1, Elie was voted out.

For the record, the votes of the newly merged tribe broke down as follows:

Jeanine and Jesse both lost their votes when they went to the summit last week so they did not vote in this tribal.  Jeanine did not play her idol for Elie, which is perhaps the first smart thing that Jeanine has done in this game.

Cassidy, Cody, Dwight, Gabler, James, Ryan, and Sami all voted for Elie.

Elie and Owen both voted for James.

Karla voted for Owen and Noelle voted for Cassidy.

Along with Elie getting voted out, the big news from last night’s episode is that the three tribes are now merged into one big tribe and, from the point on, everyone will be competing for individual immunity.  Thankfully, we did not get any elaborate twists with this merge, beyond having the merged tribe divide into two randomly-selected groups that then competed for immunity.  There was no hourglass to break or any of that nonsense.  I’m going to guess Survivor learned a lesson from the extreme negative backlash that greeted the hourglass twist over the last two seasons.

With the merge now official, it’s going to be a whole new game.  And finally, we’re going to get a chance to actually know these castaways.  Pre-merge, it’s always a struggle to keep up with who is who.  But it’s after the merge that the true good players start to emerge.

We’ll see what happens!


Elie Scott, the 6th person voted out of Survivor 43

Survivor 43.4 “Show No Mercy”


One of my main objections to the three-tribe format on Survivor is that always seems to lead to a situation where one tribe loses almost all of its members before the tribal while another tribe enters the merge at full strength.  It always seems to lead to a lopsided merge and it also keeps the players from really getting to know each other in the days leading up to the merge.

Last night, though, Vesi and Baka finally did something that I’m surprised no one has done before.  They teamed up at the immunity challenge so that they could send Coco, the one tribe that had yet to lose immunity, to tribal council.  After Vesi solved their puzzle, they helped Baka complete their puzzle.  The end result was that Vesi and Baka both won immunity and Coco finally went to tribal.  It was a moment of surprisingly smart strategizing on the part of the Vesi tribe.

In fact, Vesi pretty much dominated last night’s episode.  After two tribals in a row, they came back with a determination to start winning.  Not only did Vesi win the immunity challenge but they also won the reward challenge and with it, the chance to steal something from another tribe.  Though his tribemates wanted to take Baka’s fishing gear, Cody insisted on weakening the Coco tribe by taking some of their food.  It was a good move, though it’s obvious that Cody’s take charge personality is starting to rub his tribemates the wrong way.

As for tribal council, Lindsay basically talked herself out of the game.  At first, it seemed like Geo was going to be the target but then Lindsay got paranoid that everyone was going to vote for her.  And she spent so much time asking people if she was the target that eventually, she did become the target.  If Lindsay had kept quiet and just trusted the members of her tribe, she would have been fine.  Instead, by a vote of 4-1-1, Lindsay became the fourth person voted out of Survivor 43.


Lindsay, the 4th person voted out of Survivor 43

We are four episodes in and not a single man has been voted out yet, which is unusual for Survivor.  I do think that Cody and Gabler need to be careful because it’s obvious that their tribemates are getting a little tired of being bossed around.

We’ll see what happens next week!

Survivor 42.13 It’s Over!


Last night, the 42nd season of Survivor came to a close and I don’t think anyone was surprised by who won.  As soon as it was announced that she had been selected to join Romeo in the final three, I think everyone knew that Maryanne was not only going to win but she was going to win easily.  Usually, I’m not happy when someone makes it to the final three despite having never won a challenge but, for what she lacked in challenge skills, Maryanne still played a smart game.  Of the final three, she deserved the victory.

There were a few surprises early on in the show.  I was surprised that, despite winning a pretty good advantage for the next-to-last immunity challenge, Lindsay still lost to Mike.  While I wasn’t surprised that Mike decided to honor his original promise by using his idol on Maryanne, I was a little surprise that Maryanne didn’t then use her idol to save Lindsay.  But again, that shows that Maryanne knew that Lindsay would be difficult to beat.  Maryanne made the right decision.

I was even more surprised when Romeo won the final immunity challenge and secured all the power for himself.  Romeo’s been useless this entire season but he got lucky there.  Romeo foolishly took his friend Maryanne to the final three but then again, I doubt Romeo would have been able to beat either Mike or Jonathan if he had chosen differently.  Romeo got as far as he could.

I was surprised that Jonathan did so badly at the fire-making contest but then again, Mike had a definite advantage.  As a fireman, he knows fire.

As for the jury, it was pretty obvious that Maryanne was going to win.  She handled herself well while answering questions and explaining how she played the game.  She had a more likable personality than either Mike or Romeo.  She received everyone’s vote but Jonathan’s.  (Jonathan voted for Mike.)  Maryanne won and she deserved it.

Jeff Probst then announced that this was apparently the greatest season of Survivor ever which …. it wasn’t.  Maryanne was a good winner and Jonathan and Omar were interesting players but, for the most part, the castaways were a dull lot this season and the use of twists like the hourglass and the Do or Die made a lot of the challenges feel pointless.  This season was better than the previous season and I’m glad Survivor‘s back but, to be honest, I would be surprised if Survivor 42 is even included in any “Best of Survivor” lists.

Survivor 43 has already been filmed and we’ll come to use sometime in the fall!  Hopefully, there won’t be any more hourglasses to break.  As for this site, it’s now on hiatus until Big Brother starts up in the summer.  See you then!

Thank you for reading!

Lisa Marie


Congratulations, Maryanne!

Survivor 42.10 “Tell A Good Lie, Not A Dumb Lie”


One thing  with Survivor is that you don’t want to get too cute when it comes to trying to vote someone out.  Just come up with your plan and go with it because adding any extra complications will undoubtedly blow up in your face.

Case in point: Hai.

Hai has spent almost this entire season bragging about what a strategic genius he is.  And last night, it did look like he might have a chance to get Jonathan out of the game.  But Hai made a huge mistake when he tried to convince Jonathan that he had an immunity idol that he was willing to play on Jonathan’s behalf.  Instead of just focusing on trying to convince the other castaways to vote out Jonathan, Hai decided to try to trick Jonathan.  I’m not sure what Hai’s strategy was, beyond wanting to show off and make Jonathan look stupid.

Jonathan, of course, saw right through Hai’s lie and he used it to convince the other castaways that Hai was 1) a strategic threat and 2) untrustworthy.  He had some help from Omar who, during a reward feast with Mike and Lindsay, lied to Mike and told Mike that Hai was bragging about Mike being “his puppet.”  With Jonathan, Omar, and Mike eager to vote out Hai, it was easy to get Lindsay, Drea, and Maryanne to join in. 

At tribal council, Hai was blindsided.  He and Romeo voted for Jonathan but everyone else voted for Hai.  By a vote of 6-2, Hai was sent to the jury.

There were two other big developments last night.

First off, Maryanne found a hidden immunity idol, replacing the one that she used at the previous tribal council.

Secondly, Lindsay won reward and invited Omar and Mike to join her.  During the meal, they watched videos from their loved ones (and, of course, Omar told some lies about Hai).  It was a bonding experience for the three of them and it wouldn’t surprise me to see these three and Maryanne in the final four.

We’ve got three weeks left!  As of right now, I’m starting to think that, after spending much of the game laying low, Lindsay might be the ultimate winner.  We’ll see what happens!


Survivor 42.8 “You Better Be Wearing a Seatbelt”


And the first member of the jury is….


…. Chanelle!

Well, that’s not really a surprise.  As soon as Tori won her second immunity challenge in a row, it was pretty obvious that Chanelle would be the next to go.  The merge clearly divided the tribe between the majority and a handful of players who are, as of right now, being picked off one-by-one.  Tori, Romeo, Chanelle, and Maryanne are being targeted right now.  Of that group, Mayanne is probably the strongest but because she’s so good at convincing people that she’s insecure and harmless, the majority went after Chanelle instead.

Of course, Romeo nearly saved Chanelle by getting paranoid that he was actually the target.  (Mike did tell a few people that Romeo was the target, just to keep Chanelle from catching on.)  As a result, Romeo started running around camp and talking to everyone and basically making a pest of out himself.  Hai decided that he wanted Romeo gone because he felt Romeo was causing too much chaos but, in the end, Mike was the one in charge.

The votes broke down as follows:

Drea, Hai, Jonathan, Lindsay, Mike, Rocksroy, and Tori all voted for Chanelle.  Even though Hai was the one who tired to convince everyone to vote out Romeo, he ended up going with the majority when it came time to vote.

Maryanne, Omar, and Chanelle voted for Romeo.  All three of these people were told that Romeo was the target as a part of Mike’s disinformation campaign.  This should be especially worrying to Omar, who spent most of this episode talking about how he was the only player to be trusted by both the majority and the outsiders.

Romeo voted for Hai.  I’m going to guess that Romeo heard that Hai was targeting him and, being paranoid, he probably thought he was doomed so he decided to vote for Hai as just a way to let Hai know what Romeo thought of him.  

And by a vote of 7-3-1, Chanelle became the first member of the jury.

In other news, Drea managed to get yet another advantage.  The Beware advantage, which she discovered during the Reward Challenge, gives her the ability to take away someone else’s immunity idol.  As much as I dislike all of the idols and the twists, I did like the way the Beware Advantage was covered in red paint.  It forced Drea to think quickly in order to cover her tracks.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get all of the red paint off of her arm and Tori now knows that Drea has an advantage of some sort.  Drea and Tori are both determined to get the other out though, in the end, I don’t think either one of them is quite as brilliant a strategist as they think they are.  They’re just been lucky when it comes to winning immunity and finding idols.

Finally, Omar and Mike had a few bonding moments.  Omar has a good social game but I think he’s also trying too hard to play both sides of the tribe.  People like him but eventually, they’re going to realize that he’s been making secret alliances were almost everyone on the beach and that could come back to take him out of the game.

Next week — two players go to jury!

See you then!