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Survivor 38.5 “It’s Like The Worst Cocktail Party Ever”

What did we learn from last night’s two-hour episode of Survivor?

First off, we learned that the key to winning immunity is having Joe on your tribe.  We’re five episodes into this season of Survivor and Joe has yet to go to tribal council.  Last night, the Kama Tribe won immunity twice and it was pretty much all due to Joe.  While his tribemates are concerned that Joe might be too strong a player and they often talk about blindsiding him, they also know that he’s the only reason they’re not going to tribal.  I mean, there’s a reason why Kama is so strong and it’s not Ron Clark.

Secondly, we discovered that Aubry is still terrible at reading people.  This is third time that Aubry has played Survivor and, in every season, her downfall has been due to her inability to connect with other people.  Everyone seems to like Aubry but, whenever she tries to make a deal or play a social game, her natural awkwardness is her downfall.

This season, Aubry tried to make a big move early.  During the first hour of last night’s episode, the Lesu Tribe lost their first immunity challenge.  Aubry immediately decided that this would be a good time to form a Girl’s Alliance with Victoria and Wendy and take out one of the guys.  Aubry’s plan never made sense to me.  It’s way too early in the game to start betraying your alliance and Wendy was the obvious person to vote out.  My personal theory is that finding that immunity idol kind of went to Aubry’s head.  It also didn’t help that the folks at Edge of Extinction Beach decided to send Aubry an extra advantage.  Thanks to them, Aubry received an extra vote and became even more convinced of her own invulnerability.

Feeling totally confident in her ability to control the game, Aubry tried to convince Wendy and Victoria to join with her.  When Wendy kinda dithered about (as she usually does), Aubry changed her mind and decided to vote out Wendy.  However, by this point, it was too late.  Victoria has wanted Aubry gone since the game began and she, Wendy, Eric, and Gavin teamed up to blindside her.

Aubry went to Edge of Extinction Beach, which she later described as being the most “dysfunctional family” that she’s ever been a part of.  On Edge of Extinction Beach, Reem is still bitter about getting voted out, Keith is still babbling about redemption, Chris is still something of a blank, and Rick and Aubry are simply trying to keep out of the way.  When Chris and Keith both found clues that would help them out in the upcoming challenge to see who would reenter the game, Reem started screaming about how unfairly she’s been treated.  What game does Reem think that she’s playing?  This is Survivor, Reem.  No one owes you anything.

The other big lesson that we learned last week is that Wendy is always cheerful.  She finally got voted out at the end of last night’s episode and she giggled through the entire experience.  From what I’ve seen on twitter, people seem to be divided as to whether Wendy is adorkable or just annoying as Hell.  I tend to fall in the latter camp.

The tribal council was an interesting one, just because both Lesu and Manu lost immunity but there was only one tribal council.  Both tribes went to council at the same time.  With the first vote, both tribes stuck together.  All four members of Manu voted for Lauren while all four members of Lesu voted for Wendy.  When it went to a revote, everyone decided to avoid drawing rocks by voting for Wendy.  And so, Wendy ended up going to Extinction Beach.

In other big news, Kelley found an immunity idol so now, both she and Lauren have one.  Here’s a question:  When Aubry was voted out, did she get to take her immunity idol and her extra vote with her?  If she reenters the game, will she still have those advantages?  And if she doesn’t, will the idol be hidden again?  I’m no sure what the answer is to any of that.  Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

Next week, it looks like we might have a merge.  Judging from the previews, the secret of Edge of Extinction Beach will finally be revealed to the other castaways.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Survivor 33.4 “I Need A Dance Partner”

Tonight, we had the most anti-climatic tribal swap in Survivor history.  At the start of the show, the two tribes were divided into three tribes of five.  Everyone randomly picked colors.  Amazingly, the new Kama Tribe was made up of five members of the old Kama Tribe.  The new Lesu Tribe was made up of five members of the old Manu Tribe.  And the new Manu Tribe was made up for four former members of the old Kama Tribe, along with Wendy.

So, our new tribes pretty much look just like our old tribes:






Kelley Wentworth









Julie Rosenberg



Julia Carter

After the tribal swap, it occurred to me that I’m over a lot of the people on the show.  For instance, I’m definitely over Wendy.  I liked her when this season began but no, I’m definitely over her now.  I get that Wendy likes the chickens but stealing the flint was stupid.  Releasing the chickens in the middle of the night was stupid.  Whatever sympathy I had for Wendy pretty much vanished as soon she started jumping up and down.  My fear is that Wendy is going to sneak into the top three, if just because everyone will assume she’s so unlikable that there’s no way she’ll win.

I want to like Ron Clark but he seems to be getting awfully full of himself.  Ordering Victoria to search Joe’s stuff and then gloating about it was just not a good look for him.

Kelly Wentworth is one that I was over before this season even began.  Has there ever been a more overrated Survivor player?

I’m definitely over both Keith and Reem.  Perhaps the only thing worse than being stuck with Wendy on Manu would be being stuck on Edge of Extinction Beach, listening to Reem and Keith whine about how they weren’t treated fairly.

Despite the fact that we now have three tribes, the immunity challenge was more of the same.  The two tribes made up of former Kama members ended up winning immunity.  The members of Lesu ended up going to tribal council for the fourth time in a row!  The only difference is that, for the first time since the game began, Wendy didn’t have to go with them.

As a fan of the Rick/David alliance, I was disappointed by what happened at tribal council.  While Lauren, who is ill and depressed, was the obvious choice, it was Rick who ended up getting voted out by a vote of 3-2.  In the end, Wardog decided to vote the way that Wentworth wanted him to vote.  Wardog always votes the way that Wentworth wants him too.  If Lesu doesn’t win immunity next week, David’s in trouble.

(Rick, to his credit, handled being voted out well.  He certainly showed a lot more class than Reem, Keith, or Chris did.)

Of course, technically, no one’s been voted out.  Everyone’s just headed over to Extinction Beach.  Rick chose to stay in the game.  As soon as he arrived at the beach, Reem announced, “You’re not in good standing here!”

Seriously, Reem — SHUT UP!

Anyway,, we’ll see what happens next week.  With the new Kama tribe apparently unstoppable (largely thanks to Joe), it seems probable that either Wendy or David is going to be in trouble.

Lisa Marie

Survivor 38.3 “Betrayals Are Going To Get Exposed”

Hi y’all.

So, last night’s episode was kind of weird.  Manu continued their immunity losing streak and went to tribal again.  And really, it seemed like Wendy was one of the most obvious targets in Survivor history.  First off, she has a severely injured ankle.  Secondly, she’s been driving everyone at camp crazy with her sudden declaration that she’s a vegetarian and, as a result, no one has the right to eat the chicken that the team won at the reward challenge.  And then, in order to keep the chicken safe, she stole the tribe’s flint.  And while stealing the flint meant that the tribe couldn’t light a fire to cook the chicken, it also meant that the tribe won’t be able to light a fire to stay warm during the night.

I mean, I actually like Wendy.  But I totally would have voted her out for stealing the flint.  That’s just selfish on her part.

Instead, at tribal council, Chris somehow got voted out.  Chris, who is largely harmless, was voted out because he made the mistake of approaching Wardog a few too many times and saying that he wanted to vote out Kelley.  This led to Wardog deciding that Chris was some sort of huge threat who was playing too hard and couldn’t be trusted and so, the target shifted from Kelley to Chris.  Even David and Rick, who were the ones who actually wanted Kelley out in the first place, ended up voting for Chris in order to stay good with Wardog and the rest of the tribe.

And so, the totally harmless Chris was voted out by a vote of 5-2.  (Chris and Wendy voted for Kelley.)  Meanwhile, Kelley — who actually is a huge threat — is still in the game.  And Wendy — who giggled about stealing the flint — is still in the game.

Of course, Chris really isn’t out of the game.  No one’s actually out of the game yet.  As he left tribal council, Chris came across the sign that, last week, so vexed Keith.  Unlike Keith, Chris immediately decided to go to Edge of Extinction beach and wait for his chance to reenter the game.  There, he joined Reem and Keith.  (Despite all of his indecision last week, Keith eventually decided to stay in the game.)

Personally, I think that the whole walking-to-the-sign-and-making-a-decision thing is staged.  I imagine that, after Reem, Keith, and Eric were voted out, someone with production explained the twist and asked them if they wanted to stay in the game or leave.  They then probably filmed them walking down the path and seeing the sign and I imagine that production told the castaways to really play up their reaction.  Last week, Keith really went overboard with his indecision.  Last night, Eric didn’t seem surprised enough.

Meanwhile, over on Kama Beach,, Aubrey finally found an immunity idol so I guess she’s going to be around for a while.  Because they keep winning, we haven’t really gotten a chance to know the Kama Tribe.  Just the fact that Victoria and Ron had a discussion about sending Joe home without realizing that Joe was directly behind him leads me to suspect that the Kama Tribe may not be the smartest.

Next week, it looks like there’s going to be a tribal shuffle.  We’re going from two tribes to three!  Personally, I’m not  huge fan of three tribes but I guess they had to do something before the Manu Tribe dwindled down to nothing.

We’ll see what happens next week,

Lisa Marie


Survivor 38.2 “One Of Us Is Going To Win The War”

Hi y’all!

Well, I can’t say that I was shocked to see Keith voted out last night.  In the days before the merge, when Survivor is still a group game, you have to be good at challenges or else your automatically going to be a target.  Last night, the Manu Tribe lost their second immunity challenge in a row and, though there was a lot of blame to go around, Keith certainly didn’t help.  Keith only made things worse by refusing to take responsibility for his bad performance.

So, Keith was voted out by a vote of 6-1-1.  The other two votes went to Kelley and Wendy, who were both targets before Keith’s terrible challenge performance.  I’m not sure who voted for Kelley and Wendy because, for the first time that I can remember, they didn’t show us who voted for who during the closing credits.  Obviously, one of those votes was cast by Keith.  The other one may have been cast by Chris, who was close to Keith.  Maybe we’ll find out next week.

After Keith was voted out, he had his decision to make.  Would he leave the game or would he join Reem on Edge of Extinction beach.  Keith stood there staring at the sign, repeatedly saying that he didn’t know what to do.  Personally, I think that if you have any hesitation about continuing the game then you need to leave.  I’m not sure if Keith was just playing it up for the camera or if he’s really that indecisive.  Either the way, Keith really did not come out of this episode looking good.  The episode ended on a cliffhanger.  Personally, I’m kinda hoping Keith just goes home because I can’t imagine him somehow becoming less annoying if he sticks around.

As for the rest of the show:

Reem is miserable on Edge of Extinction beach and she says that she might be forced to voluntarily leave if she doesn’t get some company soon.

On the Kama Tribe, Aubry is trying really hard to fit in with everyone and, because she’s got one of the worst social games that I’ve ever seen, she’s pretty much failing miserably.  She’s been assuring everyone on the tribe that they remind her of her.  As a result, no one trusts her and if Kama ever does go to tribal, she could be in some trouble.

On the Manu Tribe, David and RIck have formed a tight two-person alliance.  It’s a fun alliance because they’re both kinda dorky but likable.  I’m hoping that the David/Rick alliance is around for a while.

Speaking of being around for a while, Lauren found an immunity idol.  Showing herself to be a smarter than a lot of previous players, Lauren hid the idol and said that she wasn’t going to tell anyone — not even Kelley Wentworth — that she had it.

Coming up next week: Wendy survived tribal council but will she survive what appears to be a broken foot!?  We’ll find out.  If Wendy is medically evacuated from the game, Manu may go down in history as one of the most unlucky tribes in Survivor history!

Lisa Marie

Survivor 38.1 “It Smells Like Success”

Survivor’s back and so is this blog!

So, last night, we watched the first episode of Survivor 38 and we discovered that this season’s theme is going to be Edge of Extinction.  And while Jeff Probst did his best to make it sound like this was something that’s never been done before, it actually just sound like Redemption Island all over again.  Whenever a survivor is voted out, they get a choice.  They can either leave the game or they can get on a boat, go to a remote beach, and wait for an opportunity to reenter the game.  The only big difference between this and Redemption Island is that, so far, the other survivors don’t know that the people who they’re voting out will be given a chance to return.

The other twist is that we have four returning players, all of whom played strong games but didn’t win their season.  The four returnees are: Kelley Wentworth, David from Millennials vs. Gen X, handsome Joe, and neurotic Aubry.  When the other survivors discovered who would be returning, they mostly seemed to be excited about Joe and why not?  Joe’s just as handsome and athletic as ever.  Personally, I would have been excited about David, just because I really enjoyed watching him go from being meek to being a powerhouse over the course of his previous season.

As for the other survivors, some of them made more of an impression than others.  That’s the way it usually is during the first episode.  There’s so many people to keep straight that inevitably a majority of them seem like they’re just there.  Usually, anyone who makes a huge impression during the first episode ends up alienating their tribe and getting voted out.  That’s certainly what happened tonight.

Here’s a few thoughts on this season’s cast:

The Manu Tribe

Reem — Reem was one of this season’s older contestants.  She made the mistake of trying to maintain cleanliness and order around the camp and, for whatever reason, that always seems to backfire.  Reem also proved herself to have next to no social skills and, when it was time to discuss who to vote out, she came on way too strong.  Again, that’s never a good idea during the first 3 days of the game.

Wardog — The main impression that Wardog made is that his name is Wardog.  He’s an ex-military guy who is now a student at law school and he seems like he’s the type who will get voted out right after the merge.

Rick — I thought Rick was going to be in trouble when he announced that he’s watched every episode of Survivor because people who claim to be superfans often get voted out quickly.  However, RIck survived.  I still don’t see him being a huge threat in the game.

Wendy — Wendy has Tourette Syndrome and she got in some trouble last night for being stubborn and refusing to hop on the anti-Reem bandwagon.  I like Wendy but she needs to mend some fences or she’s going to get voted out next.

Lauren — Lauren played soccer in college and she quickly bonded with Kelley Wentworth.  She seems like she could be  strong player but, if everyone turns against Wentworth, she could be in trouble.

Keith — Keith is this season’s 19 year-old.  He started out as a close ally to Reem but then promptly betrayed her.

Chris — Chris is another superfan.  Other than that, he hasn’t made much of an impression yet.

Kelley Wentworth — Kelley’s returning.  Right now, she seems like she’s in a pretty good position but I get the feeling that the tribe is intimidated by her and that could be a problem if they decide that she’s too big a threat to keep around.

David Wright — David, who was terrified of everything during his previous Survivor stint, is back and he doesn’t seem to be scared of anything this time out.

The Kama Tribe

Because Kama won immunity and didn’t go to tribal, we didn’t get to spend too much time with them.  Here’s what little I was able to gather:

Joe Anglim — Joe’s back!  Joe is still a physical powerhouse and everyone seems to automatically like him but, as always, he runs the risk of being viewed as too much of a threat to win.  It’s the Ozzy syndrome, though Joe’s a bit better at connecting with people than Ozzy was.

Victoria — Victoria and I both have red hair so I hope she does well.

Aubry Bracco — I’ve never been as impressed with Aubry as some people.  Everyone always talks about how she went from crying the first night to winning several immunity challenges but what people don’t talk about is that, both seasons she played, she had next to no social game.  Aubry’s getting her third chance so we’ll see how she does this time.

Julia — Julia still hasn’t made much of an impression, one way or the other.

Ron Clark — This season, only one survivor can say that Matthew Perry played him in a movie and that’s Ron Clark.  Ron is a teacher who has devoted his career to working with economically disadvantaged students.  He also started the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.  Ron seemed to be having a blast last night.  He found the “advantage menu,” which he can use either as an immunity idol or steal someone else’s vote.  It’s only good for the first three tribal councils.

Eric — Eric didn’t make much of an impression.

Aurora — Aurora is another one who didn’t make much of an impression last night.

Julie — Was Julie the one who chopped the bamboo in half with the machete?  I was really worried when I first saw her holding that machete, to be honest.  But, good for her for not losing a finger.

Gavin — Gavin seems like he might emerge as a power, especially if something happens to Joe.

As for last night’s tribal council, the Manu Tribe lost immunity and went to tribal.  Reem, who alienated everyone by generally being in a bad mood and trying way too hard to convince everyone to vote out Wenworth, was voted out by a vote of 4-3-1-1.  The other three votes went to Wendy, who upset Wardog when she reused to vote for Reem.  (Lauren and Wenworth got one vote each.)

So, Reem cursed everyone on her tribe and left.  However, she came across a sign that told her that she could either leave the game or get on a boat and spend a while on a deserted beach while waiting for a chance to reenter the game.  Reem decided to get on the boat.

So, Manu is down a member and Reem is sitting on a beach and dreaming of revenge.  What will happen next?  We’ll find out in a week!

And I look forward to writing about it!

Lisa Marie

Survivor 37.13 “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

In the end, the right guy won.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Would I have preferred to see Christian or Davie take the million dollars?  I would have.  If they had made it to the final three, I totally would have wanted either one of them to win and I imagine that they probably would have.

But, as so often happens on Survivor, they didn’t make it to the final three precisely because their tribemates realized they were unbeatable.  Nick wouldn’t have made it to the final three if he hadn’t won the final two immunity contests.  Fortunately, Nick did make it and he I don’t think his victory was ever in doubt.

At the final tribal council, the jury was respectful.  I was expecting a bit more bitterness but, instead, the majority of the questions were intelligent and Nick and Mike both offered some compelling arguments about why they felt they deserved the title of sole survivor.  Less impressive was Angelina, who was selected for the final three solely because everyone knew that they could beat her.  Angelina talked about the rice, again.  (I was proud of Davie for calling her out.)  She talked about how she nearly killed herself getting the immunity idol that she would later use in an effort to humiliate Alison. That “hundred foot ladder” was actually an eight foot ladder and she didn’t find the immunity idol as much as Mike and Nick just let her have it.)  Angelina ended up with zero votes.  Mike got three votes, from Alison, Kara, and Christian.  (Alison and Kara had been allied with Mike from the start while I think that Christian …. well, I’m not sure why Christian voted the way that he did.)  The rest of the votes went to Nick.

All in all, it was a good ending.  Considering that the season’s theme was David vs. Goliath it seems appropriate that the last David standing won!

With Survivor coming to an end, that means we’re going to have a month without any reality tv shows to cover.  Celebrity Big Brother starts on January 21st and will run through February 13th and I’ll be covering it over on the Big Brother Blog.  Then, the 38th season of Survivor will start on February 20th, and I’ll be covering it on this site.  Finally, the latest season of the Amazing Race will finally premiere on May 22nd and, again, I’ll be covering it on this site.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting this season!  I was pretty skeptical when the season began but it turned out to be a memorable one and, most importantly, it featured a good winner.

Have a great holiday season and I’ll see all of you next year!

Lisa Marie

The winner of Big Brother 37, Nick!

Survivor 37.11 “So Smart, They’re Dumb”

Last night’s episode of Survivor got off to a heart-warming start  when Jeff announced that it was time for the loved ones challenge.  I always like getting to see everyone’s family and friends on Survivor.  Sometimes, it allows us to see a new side of a player.

Angelina and Nick won the challenge and then selected Davie and Nick and their loved ones to share in the reward.  That meant that Alison, Kara, Gabby, and Christian had to say goodbye to their loved ones and return to camp.  Everyone, though, was really happy to get those few minutes with their loved ones.

Everyone except for Gabby, who was annoyed when she saw Christian with his girlfriend and heard him talking about how much he loved her.  Gabby said that this somehow showed her that it was time for her to turn on Christian and get him voted out at the next tribal council.  Gabby said that blindsiding Christian would look good on her “resume.”

(Raise your hand if you think Gabby was just upset about Christian having a girlfriend.)

After Christian lost the immunity challenge to Kara, Gabby thought that she had everyone on her side but she made the mistake of telling Davie.  Davie went to Christian and told him what Gabby was planning on doing.  Before Tribal Council, Christian tried to repair his relationship with both Nick and Gabby and tried to get them on board with voting out Alison.

At tribal, though, Christian decided to play it safe by playing his idol.  The five votes cast for Christian did not count.  However, because Angelina and Mike decided to cast their votes for Gabby (just in case Christian had the idol), Gabby was voted out and sent to the jury.  As she left, she yelled that she loved Christian and Christian shrugged.

There’s only two more episodes to go.  From the start of this season, Davie’s been my favorite and I hope he makes it to the end!

Lisa will be back next week so I’ll see everyone in the comments. 🙂