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The Amazing Race 29.4 “Another One Bites The Dust” and 29.5 “Have Faith In Me, Borski”

Last night, we had two episodes of the Amazing Race.  During the first episode, the racers remained in Tanzania and it ended with an elimination.  During the second episode, the remaining teams went to Norway and the episode ended with Phil announcing, at the Pit Stop, that the leg was only halfway over and, as such, the final team to arrive was not eliminated.

There was nothing that surprising about what happened in Tanzania.  It was a tough leg but, for the most part, the teams that have been doing well continued to do well and the teams that have been struggling continued to struggle.  I don’t think anyone was shocked when Sara and Shamir were eliminated.  Ever since Shamir’s breakdown in Brazil, that teams had been obviously doomed.  I felt bad for Sarah.  She seemed like a strong competitior but she got stuck with a terrible partner.  It definitely wasn’t fair to her.

The Norway leg of the race was a lot more fun to watch than the Tanzania leg.  Norway is a beautiful country and the detour with the trolls was really cute.  What was shocking about Norway was that, after working so well together, Liz and Michael had a complete meltdown.  They stopped communicated.  They started arguing.  Michael got his feelings hurt because he wasn’t in charge.  Even when they discovered that they had not been eliminated from the race, they stood at the mat arguing.  Will these two be able to continue?  I think they will, if just because they’re both racing for their families.  But they’ve got to get over being mad at each other or they’re doomed.

Here’s some thoughts on the racers, in order of their finish in Norway:

Tara and Joey — After coming in first in both Tanzania and Norway, Tara and Joey are suddenly the new front-runners.  Personality-wise, they’re still pretty bland but they’re running a good race.

Matt and Redmond — They came in fourth in Tanzania and second in Norway.  That first place finish continues to elude them but I still wouldn’t be surprised to see them win.

Becca and Floyd — Team fun is coming on strong!  Becca and Floyd did not annoy me as much as they usually do.  They came in 2nd in Tanzania and 3rd in Norway, despite doing the fast forward.

Vanck and Ashton — Team Unlikable.  After taunting Matt and Redmond about always coming in third, Vanck and Ashton came in 6th in Tanzania and 4th in Norway.  Vanck still seems to be off in his own little world most of the time.  Ashton has managed to annoy everyone and she is probably going to get her team u-turned.

London and Logan — They came in fifth in Tanzania and 5th in Norway.  They haven’t had any major missteps but they have yet to really show themselves to be the type of team that will make it to the end.

Brooke and Scott — They came in seventh in Tanzania and 6th in Norway.  With Shamir and Scott gone, Brooke and Scott are the new dysfunctional team.  Scott is regularly conquering his fear of heights.  Brooke had a nervous breakdown because she had to make a ladle.

Liz and Michael — Third in Tanzania and then 7th in Norway!  As soon as they got to Europe, Liz and Michael had an epic meltdown.  They stopped communicating.  They stopped working together.  They’ve got to get it together as they will be the next to go.  I put most of the blame on Michael, who can’t handle not being in charge.  He nearly sacrificed their race for his ego.

And finally…

Shamir and Sara — Eliminated in Tanzania.  No one was surprised.  Poor Sara.

That’s it for now!  We’ll see what happens next week,

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 29.3 “Bucket List Type Stuff”

Things change quickly on The Amazing Race.

At the end of the first leg, I thought that Seth and Olive were the team to beat and that Liz and Michael were obviously doomed.  Now, two legs later, Seth and Olive have been eliminated and Liz and Michael are quickly emerging as the team to beat.

Last night’s episode saw our teams going from Brazil (home of my friend, Alexandre Rothier — hi, Alex, if you’re reading!) to Tanzania.  The episode also saw this season’s first appearance of a Blind Double U-Turn.  Ashton and Vanck used the U-Turn on Matt and Redmond, largely because Ashton is still mad over … well, nothing.  (Ashton is convinced that Matt and Redmond went back on a promise they had made but the fact of the matter is that, when Matt and Redmond arrived at that travel office, Ashton was nowhere to be seen and…AGCK!  I get annoyed just writing about it.)  Tara and Joey used the U-turn on Seth and Olive and essentially knocked them out of the race.

This was supposed to be a blind U-turn but it didn’t work out that way.  Matt and Redmond figured out that Ashton and Vanck u-turned them and, since Ashton and Vanck were the 2nd team to arrive at the u-turn, that meant that the first team — Tara and Joey — must have u-turned Seth and Olive.

Matt and Redmond were not happy about being u-turned and they quickly showed how scary a team they can actually be.  They not only flew through both tasks in the detour but then managed to finish in fourth place.  For no good reason, Ashton and Vanck have now made permanent enemies.

Seth and Olive were less successful.  In fact, they almost seemed to give up once they saw that they were u-turned.  A final mistake — Seth deciding to run to the pit stop instead of taking a taxi — sealed their last place finish.  Despite the fact that there was a delay in checking in Becca and Floyd (as a result of Floyd temporarily misplacing his passport), Seth and Olive were eliminated from the race.

Here’s how each team finished, along with a few thoughts:

In first place, Liz and Michael.  After a terrible first leg, they are working well together and are now the new front-runners to win it all.  Who would’ve guessed?

In second place, Tara and Joey.  They’re not an exciting team but they are emerging as a strong one.  Playing the U-turn paid off for them.

In third place, Vanck and Ashton.  They’ve run two good legs but it’s hard not to feel that they’re about to fall apart.  Ashton is way too hung up on Matt and Redmond’s supposed betrayal.  Meanwhile, Vanck remains as detached as ever.

In fourth, Matt and Redmond.  In must be said, Matt and Redmond went a little bit overboard when it came to getting upset about the U-turn.  It really is just a part of the game.  But it was hard not to be impressed by the fact that the U-turn didn’t even slow them down.  They are a scary team and definitely contenders to win it all.

In fifth, London and Logan.  So far, they’ve shown no personality but they’re just so pretty!

In sixth, Brooke and Scott.  They seem like they a strong team but they are perennially stuck in the back of the pack.

In seventh, Shamir and Sara.  I’m tempted to call them Team Whiny Little Bitch but that’s not fair to Sara.  There’s only one whiny little bitch in this team and it’s not her.  Sara’s strong but she’s found herself stuck with one of the worst partners in the history of the Amazing Race.  What’s funny is that, every time they check in, you can tell that Phil absolutely loathes Shamir.

In eighth, Becca and Floyd!  They would have been in fifth place but Floyd misplaced his passport.  Oh, how I was hoping to see Team Fun eliminated.

In ninth, Seth and Olive.  Bye bye, former front runners.

Who will be eliminated next?  I’m going to guess Shamir and Sara because it’s going to have to happen at some point.  Poor Sara.

Lisa Marie


The Amazing Race 29.2 “Scared Spitless”

Jessie, Francesca, and Phil

Hi, everyone!

Last night, my experience with the Amazing Race was a little bit choppy because the show kept getting interrupted with special news reports.  However, though I may have missed a few little scenes, I saw enough to write about the episode.

For instance, I can tell you right now that I am ashamed of myself for ever thinking that Shamir might be a contender to win this season.  Oh my God, what a wimp!!!!!  “The harness was uncomfortable!”  Well, guess what?  Being suspended in the air over a city is going to be uncomfortable.  Sitting in the ambulance and crying about it is not going to change that.  Apparently, he was willing to give up his chance at the money just because he didn’t think it was fair that he should be uncomfortable.  What Shamir, in his self-centered way, didn’t consider was that he wasn’t just screwing up his chance to win the money.  He was also screwing up Sara’s chance as well.

That’s one reason why I don’t like the idea of strangers being forced to race together.  In all probability, Sara would never have agreed to race with Shamir if she had know what a whiny little baby he is.  I doubt anyone would have voluntarily raced with Shamir.  But now, she’s stuck with him.

When they reached the finish line, Phil did his best to encourage them to put their hard day behind them and move on.  Sara was in tears.  Shamir kept complaining about the harness.  If Shamir quits, does that mean that Sara’s race is over as well?  Or could they maybe give Sara a new partner?  I doubt it.  It wouldn’t be fair to the other teams to let someone switch a partner.  But, at the same time, it just doesn’t feel fair that Sara, who is a strong competitor, is stuck with Shamir.

Anyway, here’s my thoughts on how the rest of the teams did.  As always, the teams are listed in order of how they finished the latest leg of the race:

Liz and Michael — Wow!  I seriously thought that Liz and Michael were doomed but they came from behind and came in first!  It’s nice to see that they apparently learned from the mistakes that they made during the previous leg of the race.  They went from being the weakest team to potentially being one of the strongest.

Vanck and Ashton — Double wow!  I seriously thought these two were even more obviously doomed than Liz and Michael.  From having a meltdown during the last leg, they came in second this leg.  That said, their “feud” with Matt and Redmond reminded me of why I’m still not a huge fan of Vanck and Ashton.  It’s a race.  No one is under any obligation to do anyone a favor.

Matt and Redmond — Team Bro is still running strong.  They came in third and Redmond even made a funny joke about why he wanted to win the second leg.  (It involved the fact that he only has one leg.)

Seth and Olive — Still running strong.  The fact that they didn’t come in first this time is probably a good thing, believe it or not.  A fourth place finish will keep this strong team from getting overconfident.

Becca and Floyd — TEAM FUN!  Oh my god, they’re just having so much fun!  Bleh.

Brooke and Scott — Brooke and Scott seem to be doing better.  That said, they went from 4th to 6th.  There’s only so many times you can fall back in the rankings before you’re eliminated.

Tara and Joey — 6th last week.  7th this week.  They’re moving in the wrong direction.

London and Logan — 8th last week.  8th this week.  They’re pretty and consistent!

Shamir and Sara — Poor Sara.  They went from being in a good position to barely avoiding elimination and Shamir never seemed to understand that it was literally all his fault.

Jessie and Francesca — One was tall.  One was short.  I was never sure which was which.  And they’ve been eliminated.  At least they had fun without turning into Team Fun.

Will Liz and Michael’s luck continue?  Will Shamir ever start acting like a man or will Sara have to spend the rest of the race begging him to stop crying like little baby?

We’ll find out next week!

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 29.1 “We’re Coming For You, Phil!”

After being off the air for over a year, The Amazing Race is finally back!

The Amazing Race has never quite gotten the buzz (or the ratings) of Survivor but I’m glad that it’s back.  I’ve always liked The Amazing Race, largely because my sister Erin and I have always jokingly talked about trying out for the show.  Beyond that, I love seeing all the countries that the teams go to.  I love seeing which teams can work together and which teams fall apart.  And I love Phil.  He’s a great host.  Much as how the snarky Jeff Probst is the perfect host for Survivor, the always compassionate Phil is the perfect host for The Amazing Race.

That said, I worry about The Amazing Race.  I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be around.  I suspect that the ratings are suffering because the show’s frequently been switched around on the schedule.  As well, the previous few seasons have been gimmicky in a way that the show never was in the past.  There was one season where The Amazing Race turned into a dating show.  And then, that was followed by a season where everyone was a social media superstar.

This season, the gimmick is that the teams are made up of strangers.  Everyone showed up in Los Angeles and, after running a race through the streets of L.A., they got to pick their partners.  Everyone was making their pick based on first impressions.  No one knew anyone before selecting them.  They’ll be getting to know each other during the race.

Which, to me, kind of misses what made The Amazing Race so special in the first place.  The fun thing about The Amazing Race was watching people with a history try to work together as they raced across the world.  The fun was watching marriages collapse, friendships fall apart, and siblings become closer.  That’s gone now.

With all that in mind, last night’s episode was good enough.  We met the racers.  We got to know some of them.  The first leg of the race took them to Panama, where almost all of them got lost and struggled with the detour.  As always, one team came in first and one team was eliminated.  In this case, the eliminated team was eliminated as the result of a time penalty.

Here are a few thoughts on the teams, in order of their finish.  Keep in mind that we still don’t know a lot about these people so these thoughts aren’t going to be particularly in-depth.  Hopefully, that will change as we get to know these people:

Coming in first, Seth and Olive!  Seth is a cop.  Olive is a fire fighter.  They bonded as soon as they met and worked really well together.  They are the early front-runners.

Coming in second, Becca and Floyd!  Becca and Floyd are Team Fun and they annoy the Hell out of me.  Becca is every teeth-grindingly annoying tour guide that you’ve ever had to deal with.

Coming in third, Matt and Redmond!  Matt’s a snowboarder.  Redmond has one leg.  Together, they solve crimes.  No, actually, they are this season’s bro team.  They seem like they’ll be a strong, physical team.

Coming fourth, Brooke and Scott!  Brooke and Scott finished well but still spent most of their time fighting.  When Phil asked Scott if he regretted picking Brooke, Scott may have said no but his body language said yes.

Coming in fifth, Shamir and Sara.  Shamir and Sara both seem to be really likable.  That’s pretty much the only impression they made.

Coming in sixth, Tara and Joey!  Tara’s a drill sergeant.  Joey’s a cop.  Tara picked Joey despite the fact that he was the last one to arrive in Los Angeles.  They worked well together but I don’t see this team making it far in the race.  Joey doesn’t seem to be that smart.

Coming in seventh, Vanck and Ashton!  Vanck is socially awkward.  Ashton won’t stop talking.  These two are doomed.

Coming in eighth, London and Logan!  They’re both just so pretty.  I’m Team London because we’re both artists.

Coming in ninth, Jessie and Francesca.  They fought in Los Angeles but they got along famously in Panama.

Coming in tenth, Liz and Michael.  I have a bad feeling about these two.  Liz is neurotic.  Michael is a bearded butcher who doesn’t know how to talk to people.  They would have been eliminated if not for the fact that another team got a penalty.

Coming in eleventh, and getting eliminated, Jenn and Kevin!  Jenn was a model.  Kevin was an athletic trailer.  They both had great hair but no sense of direction.  They got lost in Panama.  They had to leave the Detour when the sun went down and it became to dangerous to compete.  They managed to beat Michael and Liz to the pit stop but, because they couldn’t do the detour, they got hit with a two hour penalty.  They were the first to be eliminated.  It had to happen to someone.

So, as of right now, Seth and Olive seem to be the definite front-runners to win it all.  We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 28 Episode 12 “The Only First That Matters”


Well, another season of The Amazing Race has come to a close!  The three remaining teams flew from China to Los Angeles, they competed in their final roadblock, their final detour, and they collected all of their final clues.  And, at the end of it, they raced to the final pit stop and the winner was…


If you had told me a month ago that Dana and Matt would win while neither Burnie and Ashley nor Brodie and Kurt would make it to the finale, I would have thought you were crazy.  But that’s exactly what happened and really, that’s why we love The Amazing Race, isn’t it?  It’s not always easy to predict what’s going to happen from leg to leg and all the strategizing in the world won’t do you any good if you’re unlucky enough to get a clueless taxi driver.

Not only did Dana and Matt win the final leg, but they won it fairly easily.  Sure, there was that moment when they couldn’t get a cab.  And the show’s editors made sure that we got a lot of clips of various racers saying, “This is going to be a close finish.”  But, in the end, it was pretty obvious that Dana and Matt made it to the pit stop long before Sheri and Cole.  After a season of close finishes, the final leg of the race was really no contest.

And really, it all came down to that first roadblock.  Dana managed to grab the clue on her first try.  It took Sheri two tries.  And finally, it took Tyler three attempts.  From that moment on, Dana and Matt pretty much had an insurmountable lead.

Judging from what I’ve seen online, Dana and Matt are not the most popular winners in the history of The Amazing Race.  Yes, they did fight a lot.  And yes, Dana did have that terrible moment when she appeared to basically give up on the race.  But, during the final leg of the race, they actually worked very well together.  And, when it mattered, they won.

Personally, I would have loved to have seen Sheri and Cole win.  That would have been a great come-from-behind victory.  But still, they should be very proud of how they did.  Nobody expected them to even reach the final leg of the race, let alone come in second!  Both Sheri and Cole faced and conquered their fears during the race and good for them.  Hopefully, they’ll be back for an all-star season at some point in the future.

As for Tyler and Korey — well, they came in a distant third.  In fact, it’s interesting just how much of a nonfactor they turned out to be in the final leg of the race.  They fell behind early and they never managed to catch up.  Tyler and Korey have a lot of fans and, as an advocate for LGBT teens, Tyler has done a lot of good work outside of the Race.  But, I have to admit that I never cared much for how they ran the race.  They were a strong team but they were often insufferably cocky.  When they were in first place, they bragged and when they weren’t in first, they whined about the other teams not helping them out.   They consistently tried to trick the other teams and then got upset when the other teams attempted to do the same thing to them.  As well, it’s hard for me to respect any team that uses the U-turn when they’re already in first place.

So, with all due respect to the good work that Tyler has done and the good work that he will hopefully continue to do in the future, I have no problem at all with him and Korey coming in third.

And that completes the 28th season of The Amazing Race!  The Survivor finale is next Wednesday!

And then, ready or not, it’ll almost be time for a new season of Big Brother!

Stay supple,

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 28 Episode 11 “That’s Money, Honey”


Well, Hell…

I was really hoping that my previous prediction would come true and that Tyler and Korey would somehow run into trouble during the next-to-last leg of the race and end up coming in last.  After the past few episodes, I am totally over Tyler’s constant laughing and Korey’s constant whining.  Add to that, it’s hard for me to root for any team that resorts to using the U-turn, especially when they’re in first place.

Well, it turns out that Tyler and Korey were not eliminated at the end of last Friday’s episode.  Instead, they came in first and guaranteed themselves a spot in the final three.

However, the same cannot be said about Burnie and Ashley.  After being the most consistently strong team in the race and establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with (and I expected them to win it all so that shows how much I know), Burnie and Ashley had one bag leg and it cost them.  They came in fourth and were eliminated from the race.

And, to be honest, it’s difficult for me to really feel anything about Burnie and Ashley’s elimination.  They were a strong team.  They were front runners.  They worked well together. But seriously, they were BOTH SOOOOO BORING!  After watching them for 11 episodes, I still have no idea who Burnie and Ashley were.  They were Team Bland and Bland will not be racing during the final leg of the race.

Instead, here’s your final three:

First to the pit stop, Tyler and Korey.  Bleh.

Second to the pit stop, Dana and Matt.  Blah.

Third to the pit stop, Sheri and Cole.  Yay!

Out of those three teams, who do you root for?  Sheri and Cole, obviously.  Sheri and Cole are literally the only likable people left in the race.  They’re underdogs and they’ve never managed to come in first.  But here’s hoping that they pull off the upset of all upsets next Friday!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!  My mom always enjoyed Survivor and The Amazing Race, though I think a lot of that was because she knew that I enjoyed them.  She didn’t care much for Big Brother, though.  “Those people,” she would say, “all they do is talk, talk, talk.”

The Amazing Race 28 Episode 10 “Monkey Dance!”


Hi everyone!

Well, I finally got to watch the latest episode of the Amazing Race and all I can say is that I must be psychic.  Last week, I predicted that Brodie and Kurt would be eliminated at the end of the next leg and I was right!  I also predicted that, to everyone’s shock, Tyler and Korey will be the next to be eliminated.  We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Anyway, there really weren’t any surprises during this latest leg of the race.  Brodie and Kurt were pretty much doomed from the start and, though they never gave up, they still seemed to realize that things weren’t looking good for them.  Both Brodie and Kurt dealt well with the apparent inevitably of their elimination.  They went out with class and good for them.

Speaking of class, that’s exactly what Tyler and Korey failed to show when they U-turned Brodie and Kurt.  U-turning another team when you’re that far in front has always been a bitch move and it was still a bitch move when Tyler and Korey did it last week.  But, at the same time, it didn’t surprise me.  That’s the way that Tyler and Korey have run this entire race.

I was far more surprised by Burnie and Ashley, who decided to waste the 2nd U-turn, specifically so that Brodie and Kurt would not be able to U-turn any of the team’s behind them.  Burnie and Ashley have been a strong team but, personality-wise, they’ve been ciphers.  I don’t feel like I know either one of them.  But what they did with the U-turn was, to me, even more petty than what Tyler and Korey did.  If karma’s a boomerang, Burnie and Ashley might want to duck.

Anyway, with Brodie and Kurt eliminated last night, we are now down to four teams.

Coming in first, Tyler and Korey.  Over the past few episodes, Tyler and Korey have emerged as two of the most annoying racers in the history of the show.  Tyler laughs.  Korey whines.  It’s getting old.

Coming in second, Burnie and Ashley.  Strong racers with zero personality.  Burnie is one of the least charismatic men that I’ve ever seen in my life and Ashley — well, who knows?  Off the top of my head, I couldn’t even tell you what Ashley looks like.  That’s how invisible she’s been during this race.  Even if Team Boring wins, nobody will remember them after this season.

Coming in third, Sheri and Cole.  Literally the only likable people left in the race.

Coming in fourth, Dana and Matt.  Dana and Matt better get their act together because I’m counting on them to move up in the rankings so that Tyler and Korey can come in last and get eliminated.

For the record, I’m still predicting that Tyler and Korey will be eliminated during the next leg of the race.  They’re way too cocky and overconfident and neither one of them deals well with the unexpected.

Here’s hoping that Sheri and Cole pull out a win,

Lisa Marie