The Amazing Race 32.12 “Now It’s About Winning”

Hey, everyone.

Last night, the Amazing Race moved to New Orleans for the final leg and it was all pretty anti-climatic.  From the minute the plane landed, Will and James were in the lead.  (It turned out that both of them have spent time in New Orleans and basically knew the layout of the town.  The other teams didn’t.)  Hung and Chee spent the entire night in second place.  Riley and Maddison spent the entire night in third place.  And that’s exactly how the race ended.

Will and James came in first.

Hung and Chee came in second.

Riley and Maddison came in third.

It was a disappointing end to a disappointing season.  Hung and Chee were a strong team from the start and probably could have made it to the end on their own.  Will and James and Riley and Maddison, however, owed their success to their alliance,  If not for the fact that they spent the entire race helping each other out, they probably wouldn’t have made it to the final three.  For someone like me who loves the Race and who, in the past, has always appreciated it as being a positive antidote to all the scheming and pettiness of Big Brother and Survivor, it was difficult to get excited about either team making it to the end.

It’s not cheating, despite what some people on Twitter are saying.  Racers are allowed to form alliances and they’re allowed to help each other.  Personally, I hope that, when and if the Race returns, they’ll institute a new rule about teams helping each other during the roadblocks and the detours.  This season was ruined not so much by the teams forming an alliance as by the way the alliance proceeded to bully and scheme against the teams outside of the cool kids clique.  Obviously, it was a strategy that worked but it was unpleasant to watch.  I can’t say I was surprised to see how unenthusiastic all the previously eliminated teams looked when they saw Will and James running up to the mat.

Probably the best thing about last night’s episode is that Riley and Maddison came in third.  As I watched last night, I realized that I still didn’t know which one was Riley and which one was Maddison.  They were perhaps the most boring team to ever made it to the finale and, if they had won, this season would have been unbearable.  As it is, Will and James weren’t particularly likable but at least they had some sort of personality.  Riley and Maddison pretty much just had beards.

Well, that’s it for this season!  And that’s it going to be it for this blog for a while.  I’m not sure when we’ll get another season of Survivor and the Amazing Race, though I’ll cover them whenever we do get them.

I might cover a few other reality shows in the interim.  We’ll see!

Lisa Marie 

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The Amazing Race 32.11 “Run On Your Tippy Toes”

I never thought I would say this about my favorite reality show but, at this point, I really don’t care who wins the Amazing Race.

I mean, technically, I’m rooting for Hung and Chee because they’re the least annoying option.  But they’re still a part of the alliance that’s pretty much ruined this season.  This has been a very cliquey, very high schoolish season of The Amazing Race.  Six people got together early, decided they were going to work together, and then they basically just bullied the other teams out of the race.  It’s not cheating, despite what a lot of people on twitter are saying.  Teams are allowed to work together and it’s happened plenty of time in the past.  But it’s never happened to the extent that it’s happened during this season.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if the members of the alliance had interesting or vaguely likable personalities.  But Will and James are way too mean and, whenever things don’t go their way, whiny.  Hung and Chee are a strong team but they too often get tripped up over the little details.  Riley and Maddison are, without a doubt, two of the most boring human beings on the planet.  Who care about any of these people?

Personally, whenever the Race does return (and it could be a while, since this seasons at on the shelf for 2 years and shooting on season 33 was suspended due to the pandemic), I hope there’s a new rule about teams helping each other at the Detours and the Roadblocks, along with rules about how many times a team can be u-turned and yielded.  The alliance just made this season icky.

Last night, after a run through Manila, Gary and DeAngelo were eliminated from the race.  I was happy to see them go.  The fact that they survived for as long as they did was embarrassing.  After bragging about targeting Eswar and Aparna last week, DeAngelo whined like a little baby after getting eliminated last night.  He announced that he didn’t enjoy the race.  He was angry when the other teams suddenly treated him as poorly as they’ve treated every other team on the race.  Boo hoo, DeAngelo.  You nearly made it to the end, despite never reading your clues, never knowing what was going on, and almost always being at the back of the pack.

(For his part, Gary was less whiny about getting eliminated but who cares?  Gary was almost as much of a nonentity as Riley and Maddison.)

When the teams reached the Pit Stop in Manila, here’s where they stood:

Coming in first, Riley and Maddison.  They’ve been coming in first a lot.  Everyone calls them the Beards because that’s pretty much the only memorable thing about them.

Coming in second, Will and James.  Last night, I was briefly happy when it appeared that Will and James were struggling but they recovered.  I’m still hoping something happens next week to keep them from winning but, at the same time, I’d rather they win than Riley and Maddison.  They at least have some semblance of personality.

Coming in third, Hung and Chee.  From the very first episode, I predicted they’d made it to the end so I guess I should be happy that they did.  But I don’t know …. I’m kind of bored with them.  Every leg, Hung does something wrong and then Chee yells at him and then eventually, they manage to come in third.  I still hope they win.

Coming in fourth, Whiny and the Silent Giant.  Bye, guys!

Next week, we’ll have a winner!  See you then.

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 32.10 “Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty”

I really don’t want to talk about it.

Last night’s leg of the Amazing Race was another disappointing experience as the alliances continued to dominate and pick on the weaker teams.  Unfortunately, there was only one weaker team left and that was Eswar and Aparna.  Since Eswar and Aparna have, for the most part, come across as being pretty nice and decent, it was hard to watch Gary and DeAngelo pat themselves on the back for using the double u-turn on them.  It was even more difficult to then watch Maddison and Ross “burn” the other u-turn so that Eswar and Aparna couldn’t even use it on someone like Will and James or Hung and Chee.

“We protected our alliance,” one of the two bearded idiots said.

Do they not realize that only one team can win the Amazing Race?  If I was in the race, I would want to set back a team that actually has a chance to win.  I wouldn’t be patting myself on the back for keeping a stronger team in the race.  Alliances are for Survivor!

Anyway, when things the teams reached the pit stop in Cambodia, here’s where we stood:

Coming in first, Riley and Maddison,  The boring beard bros.  To be honest, I dislike them even more than I dislike Will and James.  Will and James are at least honest about being the villains this season.  Riley and Maddison have no personality beyond having beards.

Coming in second, Will and James.  They’re strong, they’re annoying.  Their alliance strategy has paid off but it hasn’t been fun to watch.

Coming in third, Hung and Chee.  Of the alliance members, they annoy me the least.  I hope the win.

Coming in fourth, Gary and DeAngelo.  The fact that these two idiots are still in the race just annoys me beyond belief.

And getting eliminated, Eswar and Aparna.  I knew they weren’t going to win but I still hate seeing them get eliminated by the 8 jerks listed above.

Next week, the teams start the final leg of the race!

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 32 Episodes 8 and 9

What happened last night with The Amazing Race really bothered me.

The teams went to India, which happens every season.  This was the mega leg of the race — i.e., the longest and most difficult leg of the race.  It was stretched out over two episodes, that’s how much of a mega leg it was.  That said, it was pretty obvious from the start that Haley and Kaylynn were going to be eliminated.  They started out in last place and they never got out of last place.  The only reason they were still in the race was due to luck.

What bothered me, though, is that the other racers seemed determined to kick this team while they were down.  First, Will and James used their yield on Kaylynn and Haley, despite the fact that Will and james were in first place while Kaylynn and Haley were way back in 6th place.  Then, Riley and Madisson — who were in second place — yielded Kaylynn and Haley for a second time, despite the fact that Kaylynn and Haley were still in 6th place.

Using all of your yields on a team that doesn’t have a chance to win is not a brilliant strategy and the fact that Will and James thought it was so cute to keep yielding them did not make me happy.  This season has been dominated by a very mean-spirited alliance and quite frankly, I’m sick of it.  There’s only three episodes left and I’ll be rooting for Eswar and Aparna, because they’re the only team that’s not a part of an alliance.

Watching last night, I realized that Will and James are the only racers who have a definable personality.  Unfortunately, it’s not a very likable personality but at least they’re more interesting than Riley and Maddison.  Having a beard is not the same thing as having a personality.

Anyway, here’s where we stand after the mega leg:

Coming in first, Riley and Maddison.  Whatever.  They’re boring.

Coming in second, Will and James.  The mean boys of The Amazing Race are awfully proud of themselves for continually picking on whoever is in last place.  What’s funny is that I would probably love them on either Survivor or Big Brother because those are games where you have to be kind of mean and ruthless.  The Amazing Race, though, should be a more positive experience.

Coming in third, DeAngelo and Gary.  Again, whatever.

Coming in fourth, Hung and Chee.  They’re either going to win or Chee is going to have a total meltdown.

Coming in fifth, Eswar and Apurna.  GET IT TOGETHER, YOU TWO!  WE’RE DEPENDING ON YOU!

Coming in sixth, Kaylynn and Haley.  Their luck run out last night.  They were a positive team so I’ll miss them.  That said, you really can’t spend 75% of the race in last place without eventually getting eliminated.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone!

Lisa Marie


The Amazing Race 32 Episodes 6 and 7

I have mixed feelings about last night’s Amazing Race.

On the one hand, I was happy to discover that we were getting two episodes.  I was also happy when the first leg of the night turned out to be a non-elimination leg.  Despite coming in last, Kaylynn and Haley got to stay in the race and that made me happy because Kaylynn and Haley are likable team.  Despite their struggles, they still remain generally positive and they seem like nice people and they remind me of me and my sisters.

But then, at the end of the second episode of the night, Leo and Alana were eliminated from the race.  Those of you who know how much I’ve been cheering for Leo and Alana this season can guess how unhappy I am about that.  What makes me even more unhappy is that Will and James and Riley and Maddison basically bullied Kaylynn and Haley into using the yield on Leo and Alana.  I absolutely hate bullies and Will and James’s little celebration about getting Kaylynn and Haley to use the yield did not sit well with me at all.

I mean — if not for Leo, Will would still be trying to figure out how to get out of that parking garage in Paris.  Everyone should try to win the race but giggling like a child because you convinced someone else to do your dirty work for you is never a good look.

After last night, I’m pretty much sick of the alliances.  It really is high school.  Will and James and Riley and Maddison are the cool kids and they basically spent the entire race picking on Leo and Alana.  Well, Leo and Alana are gone now and I’m so hoping the alliances start to fall apart over the next few episodes.  Realistically, I think Hung and Chee have the best chance of winning the race this season but wouldn’t it be great television if Kaylynn and Haley or Eswar and Aparna came out of nowhere to take the victory away from the alliances?

Here’s how things stand after last night’s two episodes:

Coming in first, Will and James!  Will and James are a strong team.  As much as I don’t like the way they treated Leo and Alana, I have to give them credit for working well together and just for their sheer determination to win this thing.  That said, I really hope that karma has something up its sleeve for them.

Coming in second, Riley and Maddison!  There’s always a team of boring athletes who make the final three and Riley and Maddison seem to have a good shot of making it this season.  Despite not really having any discernible personality beyond their beards, they’re a strong team.

Coming in third, Hung and Chee!  They’re consistently a strong team and I still think they’re going to win.

Coming in fourth, Gary and DeAngelo!  Gary and DeAngelo are still the most inconsistent team this season.  They’re always either in front or they’re falling behind.  I’m going to predict that they’re going to go out right before the final leg of the race.

Coming in fifth, Kaylynn and Haley!  I like Kaylynn and Haley, though I’m a bit annoyed that they allowed themselves to be, more or less, bullied into using the yield.  Because I like surprises, I wouldn’t mind if their luck suddenly improved and they made it to the end.  It probably won’t happen though.

Coming in sixth, Eswar and Aparna!  Eswar and Aparna have never had a break-out moment but they’re still hanging in the race.  I like them but they’re going to need some luck to make it much further.

Coming in seventh, Leo and Alana!  My favorite team has been eliminated.  Hopefully, they’ll get another chance to run the Race in the future.

Next week, we’ve got another two hours as the Race heads to India!


The Amazing Race 32.5 “”You Don’t Strike Me as a Renaissance Man”

I got so jealous last night!

Seriously, I would have loved to have run that leg of the race.  The racers got to go to France.  They got to look at paintings.  They got pies thrown at them.  They got to play some carnival games!  It was great!

Unfortunately, they also had to drive and that proved to be the downfall of Michelle and Victoria.  After coming on strong over the past couple of legs, Michelle and Victoria managed to get lost while trying to drive from one destination to another.  As a result, they were the last team to arrive and they were eliminated from the race.  On the one hand, it’s easy to shake your head in amazement that two people could somehow get that lost.  On the other hand, I’ve actually had to drive in Europe and trust me — it can happen!

Especially when you’re having to drive a stick shift.  Me, I cannot drive a stick.  I’ve tried to learn and no, it’s just not something I can do.  I find it to be way too complicated and frustrating.  Will and James ran into the same problem last night, though they did manage to recover after Leo gave them some help.  (Considering that Will and James u-turned Leo and Alana just a few legs ago, that was a development that I didn’t see coming.)  Kaylynn and Haley also struggled with the stick shift and they definitely would have been eliminated last night if not for Michelle and Victoria getting so amazingly lost.

It was a fun leg.  I loved seeing France.  The carnival looked like a lot of fun.  I’ll miss Michelle and Victoria, though.  They were my second favorite team, right after Leo and Alana.

Here’s how the teams did, last night:

Coming in first, Riley and Maddison.  Riley and Maddison are a strong team and I’ve been waiting for them to have a break-out moment.  They finally got it last night.  They were in the lead pretty much from the minute they arrived in France.  They were so far ahead that even struggling a bit at the carnival couldn’t slow them down.

Coming in second, Hung and Chee.  After struggling during the last leg, they made a comeback tonight.  They’re still proving themselves to be a consistently strong team.

Coming in third, Leo and Alana!  I think getting U-turned really lit a fire under Leo and Alana.  They’re coming on strong and, as of right now, they seem like they’re in a very good position to make it to the end.

Coming in fourth, Will and James!  Despite struggling with their car, Will and James still managed a decent finish, which shows just how strong of a team they are.  If they do get eliminated, it’ll be because of something like a car breaking down or a plane landing late because the two of them are running a strong race right now.  Despite their good finish, I think they may have gotten humbled a bit last night, which I do think will help them in the long run.

Coming in fifth, DeAngelo and Gary!  These guys are still the most inconsistent team on the race.  I don’t see them lasting much longer but I could be wrong.

Coming in sixth, Eswar and Aparna.  Eswar and Aparna seem like they should be a strong team but they struggle nearly every leg of the race.  They’re likable but they’re another team I don’t expect to around for much longer.

Coming in seventh, Kalynn and Haley!  I like the sisters but, at this point, they’re on borrowed time.

Coming in eighth, Michelle and Victoria.  They were a strong team.  It kind of sucks that they’re out of the race just because they had trouble navigating the streets of France but that’s the race for you,

Next week, the race moves to Germany!

See you then,

Lisa Marie


The Amazing Race 32.4 “Olé, Olé!”

I’m having a little mini-vacay at beautiful Lake Texoma this week but, fortunately, I was still able to catch The Amazing Race last night.

As I watched it, I did some tweeting and believe it or not, Hung Nguyen of Hung & Chee replied to some of my tweets.  (Actually, I think she replied to a lot of people’s tweets but still, it was pretty cool.)  Anyway, she seemed to have a really good sense of humor about last night’s episode and she also mentioned that she and Chee are still married after all of that.  It’s interesting to think that this season of the Race was filmed two years ago.  I mean, whoever won the race has had to spend two years not telling anyone!

Anyway, last night, the race moved down to Paraguay.  It was a non-elimination leg, the first one of the race.  I kind of had a feeling it would be, just because of how difficult the detours and the roadblocks were.  I mean, the thing where you had to balance the bottles on your head — that’s something that some people just aren’t ever going to be able to do!

My two main takeaways from last night are this.  Number one, Will and James seem to be getting way too smug for their own good.  I understand that every season needs a villain and Will and James are probably not be getting the best edit as a result but their little vendetta against Leo and Alana still doesn’t sit well with me.  Number two, Leo and Alana are currently my favorite team and I hope they make it far in the race.

Here’s how everyone did last week:

Coming in first, Will and James!  Putting aside my feeling about them u-turning Leo and Alana, Will and James are a strong team and they do seem like they’re going to be around for a while.

Coming in second, Michelle and Victoria!  My second favorite team came in second and I was happy!  After their struggles over the previous two legs of the race, it was good to see them make a comeback last night.

Coming in third, Leo and Alana!  Leo and Alana had a good leg and, as you can guess, I was happy about that.

Coming fourth, Riley and Maddison.  They’re a strong team and I do think that they have a chance of winning.  But, so far, they’ve finished 3rd twice and 4th twice.  They may be pacing themselves but I’m still waiting for the big breakout moment where they move to the top of the pack.

Coming in fifth, Eswar and Aparna.  These two are consistently in the middle of the group.  They do well enough but I don’t see them making it to the end.

Coming in sixth, Hung and Chee.  They fell behind but they still made it to the mat and kept their hopes alive.  I still think they have a good chance of winning, despite their struggles last night.

Coming in seventh, Gary and D’Angelo.  These two are all over the place.  Last night, they were in first, then they were last, then they were first again, and then finally, they were the 7th team to arrive.  (Though the episode was edited to make it look like they were heading to the Pit Stop at the same time as Kaylynn and Haley, it’s pretty obvious that Gary and D’Angelo arrived long before the sisters.)  Gary and D’Angelo have got to get some consistency going or they’re not going to be around much longer.

Coming in eighth, Kaylynn and Haley.  Every season, there’s a team that gets epically screwed by a bad cab driver and last night, it was Kaylynn and Haley.  At least it was a non-elimination leg!

And that’s it for now.  Next week, the Race goes to France!




The Amazing Race 32.3 “We’re Makin’ Big Moves”

I had mixed feelings about the latest episode of The Amazing Race.

On the one hand, I was happy that, despite being targeted by Will and James, Leo and Alana managed to survive being u-turned.  I like Leo and Alana.  They’re both socially awkward, they’re both very smart, and they’re both the type of players who usually don’t seem to last long on the Race.  They’re the underdogs and they’re also a cute couple and I felt bad when the “cool” teams decided to target them.

On the other hand, I was a bit sad that Jerry and Frank were eliminated.  They were a likable team.  I kept expecting them to have a meltdown but they handled all of their problems with determination and class.  First, they accidentally left behind their bags on the way to the Detour.  (It turned out they needed their bags.)  Then, Kaylynn and Haley u-turned them at the Double U-turn in order to give Leo and Alana a fighting chance to survive being u-turned by Will and James.  They might have been able to survive the double u-turn under different circumstances (neither challenge was that difficult) but they were already running behind by the time they reached the U-turn marker.  And so, Jerry and Frank ended up coming in last and were eliminated from the race.

So, basically, this all happened because Will and James are petty and decided to target another team, despite the fact that there was really nothing to be gained by doing so.  That’s not a good look.

As for how the other teams did when the Race moved to Brazil:

Coming in first, Will and James.  They’re a strong team but using the u-turn when you don’t really need to is always a dumb move.  Why makes enemies when you don’t have to?  They made some alliances last night but who knows how long those will last.  For now, though, they’re looking strong.

Coming in second, Hung and Chee.  After two first place finishes, they ended up in 2nd place this leg.  I think they’re still the front runners.  They were among those who formed an alliance with Will and James last night.

Coming in third, Kaylynn and Haley.  After struggling during the previous two legs, they came on strong in Brazil.  I’m still not totally sold on them as a threat to win, though.  If they start to consistently finish strong, I might change my mind.

Coming in fourth, Riley and Maddison.  They went from 3rd to 4th but they’re still a strong team.  They’re a part of the new cool kids alliance with Will and James.

Coming in fifth, Gary and D’Angelo.  The first leg of the race, they finished 10th.  Then they came in 2nd.  And, this time, they came in 5th.  There’s no consistency with these two and, despite their athleticism, I don’t expect to see them around much longer.

Coming in sixth, Eswar and Aparna.  Tonight, we saw some indications that Eswar and Aparna are struggling to work together.  They’ve consistently been in the middle of the pack and I don’t expect them to ever escape from that position.  Some teams are just obviously doomed.

Coming in seventh, Michelle and VIctoria.  They’ve gone from 2nd to 5th to 7th.  I like the sisters but they’re moving in the wrong direction.

Coming in eighth, Leo and Alana.  At least they survived!

Coming in ninth and getting eliminated, Jerry and Frank.  Poor guys.

For now, I’d say that it’s still pretty much Hung & Chee’s race to lose.  Of all the teams, they’ve been the most consistently strong and impressive.

Next week, the race moves to Paraguay!

Lisa Marie


The Amazing Race 32.2 “Red Lipstick is Not My Color”

Last night’s episode of the Amazing Race saw the racers traveling from Tobago to Colombia.  We got a circus tightrope roadblock, which totally freaked me out because I don’t do heights.  We also get a detour that involved putting together a truck.  It would have been a simple detour, if not for the fact that the majority of the racers failed to read their entire clue and didn’t understand that they not only had to decorate the truck but they also had to hook up the truck’s horn.  Eventually, everyone made it to the first pit stop of this season of the Race and one team was eliminated.

Probably the biggest development last night was that Gary and D’Angelo went from being at the bottom of the pack to finishing a very strong second.  The two former football players were obviously stung by how badly they did during the first leg of the race and they went all out this leg.  After the first episode, I was ready to write off Gary and D’Angelo as contenders but, last night, they proved me wrong.

My feelings about the other teams pretty much remain the same.  Hung and Chee still appear to be the strongest team racing.  They work well together, they’re smart, they pay attention to their clues, and right now they do really do seem like the front runners.  As for the eliminated team, Kellie and LaVonne struggled during the first leg of the race and they struggled during the second.  Admittedly, one reason why Kellie and Lavonne lost was because Leo and Alana helped out Kaylynn and Haley at the truck detour.  Leo and Alana made what appeared to be a very specific decision to help out Kalynn and Haley but not Kellie and Lavonne.

I was kind of glad that nobody used the yield last night.  It was a smart move not to use it.  There’s no need to start making enemies this early in the game.

Here’s how everyone did, in order of their finish:

In first place, for the 2nd time in a row, Hung and Chee!  Again, they are definitely the strongest team right now.

In second place, D’Angelo and Gary!  They needed a comeback and that’s what they got last night.

In third place, Riley and Maddison.  Riley and Maddison finished third last week as well.  They’re obviously a strong team and they work well together.  They should be around for a while.

In fourth place, Eswar and Aparna.  Last week, they were in seventh so this is an improvement for them.  It’ll be interesting to see if their good finish this week was a fluke or if it’s indicative of what’s to come.

In fifth place, Michelle and Victoria.  From 2nd to fifth place.  Still, they seem like a strong team.  They maintained a good attitude, which is really one of the keys to winning the Amazing Race.

In sixth place, Will and James.  They struggled because they didn’t read their clue at the truck detour.  Luckily for them, a lot of other teams made the same mistake.

In seventh place, Leo and Alana.  I like Leo and Alana but finishing in sixth place last week and seventh this week is not that impressive.  I hope they’ll be able to move up but right now, they seem like they’re destined to be spend most of the race in either the middle or the back of the pack.

In eighth place, Kalynn and Haley.  This is the exact same place they finished last week.  If not for the fact that Leo and Alana helped them out, they could well have been eliminated this week.

In ninth place, Jerry and Frank.  I still feel like this father and son team is heading for a major meltdown.  It’s hard to explain why.  It’s just a feeling I have.

And finally, in tenth place, Kellie and Lavonne.  The two former Olympians struggled during both legs of the race and have now been eliminated.

Next week, the race heads to Brazil!

Lisa Marie

The Amazing Race 32.1 “One Million Miles”

Yay, The Amazing Race is back!

The Amazing Race has always been my favorite reality show, even though it seems like CBS has never given it the same amount of respect that it gives to Survivor and Big Brother.  Whereas Survivor and Big Brother always seem to be guaranteed a spot on the schedule, The Amazing Race gets moved around a lot.  Sometimes, you have to be willing to search for it.

Consider this: this current season of The Amazing Race was filmed in November of 2018!  What we watched last night was filmed nearly two years ago!  Unfortunately, with all of the travel restrictions currently in place, this could be the last season that we see for a while.  Hopefully, it’ll be a good one!

As always, last night was mostly about getting to know the racers.  The teams went from Los Angeles to Trinidad and Tobago.  Tobago is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I enjoyed getting to see it.  Still, for all the time that was spent on detour and roadblocks, the most important part of the episode were the segments in which the racers explained their relationships.  I found it interesting how many of them said that they actually grew up watching The Amazing Race.

Here are my first impressions of the racers, in order of how they finished:

Coming in first, Hung and Chee!  Hung and Chee are, of right now, our front runners!  This married couple worked well together as a team, they didn’t have any glaring weaknesses, and I expect to see them on the Race for a while.

Coming in second, Michelle and Victoria!  As of right now, Michelle and Victoria are my favorite team.  I think it’s because their relationship reminds me of the relationship that I have with my sisters.  They’re another strong team and, based on tonight, they seem like they have a real chance to win.

Coming in third, Riley and Maddison!  Riley and Maddison are the bearded volleyball players.  They seem like a strong team.  It always seems like there’s one strong team of quirky athletes every season.

Coming in fourth, Will and James!  Will and James are boyfriends.  They did well last night and they seem like they could potentially be a strong team.

Coming in fifth, Jerry and Frank!  Jerry and Frank are the father and son team.  They didn’t do badly last night but I have a feeling that they’re going to be meltdown at some point.  Jerry is a coach who used to be very hard on his son and there just seems to be a lot of buried resentment there.

Coming in sixth, Leo and Alana!  I liked Leo and Alana.  They’re a cute couple.  I don’ t really see them getting too far in the race but I hope I’m wrong because they’re a likable team.

Coming in seventh, Eswar and Apana!  They’re siblings who are engineers.  They didn’t make much of an impression.

Coming in eighth, Kaylynn and Haley!  Kaylynn and Haley are this year’s “We may be blonde but we’re tough” team.  They didn’t make a huge impression last night but they do seem like they’re a strong enough team that they’ll be on the race for a while.

Coming in ninth, Kellie and LaVonne!  Kellie and LaVonne are former Olympic hurdlers.  At first, it seemed like they were probably going to be eliminated but, fortunately for them, the steel drum road block tripped up DeAngelo and Gary and Nathan and Cody, allowing Kelli and Lavonne to come in 8th.  I liked Kellie and LaVonne and, despite their struggles last night, I still think they have a chance to be a strong team.

Coming in tenth, DeAngelo and Gary!  DeAngelo and Gary are apparently this season’s celebrities.  They’re former NFL players.  Not being a sports girl, I had no idea who they were but the other racers recognized them.  As Phil pointed out, they’ve got a lot of brawn but it takes more than brawn to win the Amazing Race.  We saw proof of that last night as they came close to getting eliminated.

Coming in eleventh, Nathan and Cody!  I have to say that I was really shocked when Nathan and Cody ended up coming in last.  They seemed like a very strong team and they got off to a good start but they just faltered at the end.  It just goes to show that you’re never safe in the Race.

I’m so happy the Race is back!

Lisa Marie