Survivor 39.3 “Honesty Would Be Chill”

How, in this day and age, do you still leave Survivor with an idol in your pocket?

Seriously, I thought Vince was going to be one of the major players this season but last night proved me wrong.  Boston Rob and Sandra were as impressed with him as well but it turns out that they were wrong too.

At first, I had a hard time following all of the twists and turns that led to Vince getting voted out but, rewatching the show, I saw that it was all pretty simple.  The women’s alliance on the Vokai Tribe is still going strong and the men are apparently either too dumb or too arrogant to understand that, for the time being, they’re going to get voted off one-by-one.  Tonight was Vince’s turn because, by going to the Island of the Idols, he aroused everyone’s suspicions.  Vince didn’t play his idol because he was foolishly confident that Tom was the target.  What’s silly is that Vince’s idol was only good for two tribals, anyway.  He might as well have just gone ahead and used it to be safe.

Vince worked pretty hard to get that idol, too.  Boston Rob and Sandra assigned him to go to the Lairo Tribe and steal their fire.  If Vince managed to do it without getting caught, he’d get an idol.  If he didn’t, he’d lose his vote.  Of course, when Vince got to the camp, it was raining and the fire had gone out.  So, he collected some ashes instead.  Boston Rob and Sandra accepted the ashes in place of fire, which took me by surprise.  Personally, I would have said, “The rain put the fire out?  Tough.  Your lesson tonight: Survivor, like life, is unfair.”

But no.  They give Vince his idol and talked about what a strong player he was.  And then Vince promptly got voted out, with all the women voting for Vince, all of the other men voting for Karishma, and Vince voting for Tom.  Survivor is a numbers game and right now, the women have got the numbers.  Bye, Vince!

The other big development last night is that, if the women’s alliance is going to break apart, it’s probably going to be due to Karishma, who now dislikes everyone on the tribe.  I don’t really blame her.  She cut her finger open with a machete (!) and everyone just kind of stared at her while she was on the ground bleeding.  That would have upset me as well.  For her part, Karishma said that she is now looking forward to voting out everyone on the tribe.

So, the Vokai Tribe is now down by one but the Lairo Tribe is still fairly dysfunctional so that could always change.  As well, during tribal council, there was a lot of discussion about a possible tribal shuffle and how that would effect everyone’s game.  So, no one should be feeling too confident right now or they might be the next person to get totally blindsided.

Lisa Marie

6 thoughts on “Survivor 39.3 “Honesty Would Be Chill”

  1. marsha47

    I was surprised that he didn’t use the idol too. No one should ever feel that confident. He could use it for 2 tribal councils. Come on guy!!!! I liked him but now I’m kind of glad he’s gone. He will have plenty of time to rethink his actions and mistakes.

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  2. betty

    Nice write up Lisa Marie, although I am a bit confused. Isn’t the Lairo tribe the one with the the all girl alliance?

    The editing this year is bizarre and I find I haven’t a clue who will be going home. I think the rain was a blessing for Vince for if he actually collected fire, someone from the Vokai tribe would have been bound to see fire moving out of their camp. I thought it was fun to watch and Vince actually did do a pretty good job. I can understand why he didn’t use the idol, he considered himself part of the all girl alliance. I don’t like the all girl alliance and I am hoping it will fall apart soon.

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    1. Lisa Marie Bowman Post author

      Hi, Betty! Sorry for the late reply. To be honest, I’m having a hard time keeping track of the two tribes. Lol. All I know is that Missy is definitely getting the “way too cocky for her own good” edit.


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