Big Brother 24 — Week 8 Veto Results

Hi, everyone!

The veto ran late last night and I actually fell asleep before the feeds returned.  However, this morning, I woke up and I discovered that Michael won the veto!

This is a huge deal because Turner’s entire plan this week was to backdoor Michael.  That is now not going to happen and Michael has also told both Turner and Brittany that he is going to use the veto to take Brittany off the block.

Who will be the replacement nominee?  Last night, Michael told Brittany that he would try to talk Turner into putting Kyle up as a replacement.  Meanwhile, Turner told Michael that he would probably put either Alyssa or Terrance up as a replacement.  But Turner also made it clear, to Michael, that his target is Taylor.  Michael told Turner that he was fine with Taylor going.

Personally, I suspect that Monte will be the replacement, just to make sure that he doesn’t vote to keep Taylor.  But we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Big Brother 24 — Week 8 Veto Results

  1. foxglove103

    I’m so happy Michael came thru with one of his most important veto wins of the game. This makes for a very interesting week to come. Thanks again, Lisa for keeping us informed.

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  2. KeriJ

    It would make sense to put another leftover up then either way one goes. If he doesn’t do that, he’s not thinking end game. Imo



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