Survivor 33.2 “Love Goggles”


Hi everyone!

So, what did we learn from last night’s episode of Survivor?

First off, we learned never to assume anything.  We all assumed that somebody was going to have a heart attack and end up being medically evacuated last night.  It didn’t happen that way.  Paul collapsed due to heat exhaustion.  The doctors checked him out.  The doctors said, “He’s good to go.”  And, the next day, Paul led Gen X to victory in the immunity challenge.

Secondly, we learned that David is probably going to be around for a while.  For all the crap he’s taken for being so obvious about searching for the immunity idol, it paid when he actually found the idol.  I don’t know why people are always so apologetic about searching for the idol.  You can either have your tribe’s trust or you can have an idol.  History has shown that the idol is usually a lot more useful in the game of Survivor.

David also made an alliance with Ken.  And, to be honest, I think this alliance is going to last a while.  David and Ken both seem to be “love him or hate him” type of players.  There’s no middle ground.  Personally, I love them both.  David is the type of neurotic player who will keep the game interesting.  My feelings could change, of course.  They often do.

Third, we learned the Taylor and Figgy are, at this point, the most annoying showmance in the history of Survivor.  My problem with Taylor and Figgy is that they both seem to think that they’re more interesting than they actually are.

Fourth, we learned that the Millennial Tribe seems to think that it’s playing Big Brother.  “Showmances never win!” Jay said at one point.  Uhmmm….Rob and Amber?  Remember them?  (Probably not.)

Fifth, we learned that this is probably not going to be a lopsided season.  After last week’s episode, I was concerned that the Millennial Tribe was going to be so dominant that the immunity challenges would get boring.  Gen X seemed to be too old and out of shape to win anything.  But last night, Gen X proved me wrong.  They won immunity and they did so decisively.

And finally, at tribal council, we learned that the Millennial Tribe is kind of a mess.  Everyone on the tribe agreed that it would be a good idea to break up Figgy and Taylor by voting out Figgy.  So, of course, they voted out Mari.  How did Figgy, Taylor, Jay, and Michelle manage to convince three other people in joining their alliance in getting rid of Mari?

Essentially, they lied and bullied.

During tribal, Michelle learned over to Hannah and said, “Vote out Mari.”

“Why?” Hannah whispered back.

“I’ll tell you later,” Michelle replied.

And so, Hannah voted for Mari.  She did this despite the fact that she had no reason to do what Michelle told her to do.  During the first episode, Hannah was the one freaking out about how “the pretty people” were running the tribe.  She and Mari formed an outcasts alliance.  Hannah bragged about how smart she was.

And then, in last night’s episode, Hannah changed her vote.  Why?  Because Michelle said she would tell her later.

Sorry, Hannah — you’re no Aubry.

Adam, Zeke, and Mari voted for Figgy.  Figgy, Hannah, Jay, Michaela, Michelle, Taylor, and Will voted for Mari.

And so, as a result, one of the tribe’s stronger players — Mari — was voted off the island.

That said, I don’t think that Figgy is gong to be able to hold her alliance together.  She and Taylor survived this tribal council but I get the feeling that they might not survive another.  There’s only so many times you can promise to tell someone later.

Lisa Marie


22 thoughts on “Survivor 33.2 “Love Goggles”

  1. Janna

    hi yall !!! glad to see ya 🙂
    i was surprised medic was called in so fast, if gen x and the guy who went down for a moment, was able to swim !!
    Mari was a blindside, i liked when she was walking out she said ” SALTY “


  2. Keith E. Benton

    Couldn’t the producers have come up with a group of millennials that were wall street brokers or doctors or something besides the dumb surfer types? One of the dumbest tribal council meetings I’ve ever endured. Figgy and her fugly personality, along with her duuudde are a waste of player positions. Hannah and Mercalli? need to be hit over the head with a coconut.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Janna

    I am happy for David for finding a idol, he will play it if feels paranoid, he cracks me up, he’s so skinny and delicate for being a television writer, i picture him under pressure a lot. he should have eaten a lot of protein and carb’s to get some bulk. David will look emanciated when and if he stay’s awhile. but i think next tribal he will use the idol. the 2nd time the gen-x goes to tribal he will get evicted, or evict himself, but i think he will continue to hunt for all the idols. maybe he can relax some, glad he made a 2 person aliance he was so happy to make a friend and tell he found a idol. i almost feel sorry / worried about him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tedstrutz

      He is exactly how I would picture a television writer, Janna. I wonder what shows he has written for, and how much of a ‘television writer’ he is? I’m glad he found an idol too, and he deserved it.


    1. star227

      Bendi. Lol. I feel ya girl!! 😊 It always takes me awile too I don’t sweat it tho. the first half that gets evicted aren’t usually memorable types anyway. I get really involved when we’re down to like 6. Then I am invested, rooting for one or two people and can keep track of everyone. Til then, I just enjoy the ride. 😉


    2. deb

      Macy: I can’t keep track of names or who is a Mil or GenX at times. I’m not sure it was very smart of Hannah to just vote for Mari because the other girl said to and she would tell her later. Figgy is the only one I know and I wanted her gone.


    1. star227

      Sammi… I liked Mari too ….very fierce. It was not her time to go. Hannah is very strange on the other hand. And I seriously think she was just thrilled the COOL kids confided in and needed her. They were a an odd hook up anyway. So weird when she was voted for. I couldn’t figure out why!!! The reason? Smart ass spoiled Bullies. Nice show Millenials! SMH

      Liked by 1 person

  4. franniep2

    Great write up Lisa. I agree with you about Hanna voting out Mari, just because someone said to, and she would tell her why later. I wonder if Michelle ever told her….ha, I doubt it.

    Glad to see that Paul was not having a heart attack, and he was able to sTay and lead his team to immunity. With that being said, I really think he will be voted out very soon. His team doesn’t like how bossy he is being.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. bobovnvet

    I just want to thank you my dear friend Lisa, cool write up as always💕….Very cool show I am happy that no one had a real heart attack ! I don’t know who I like yet but as a baby boomer I am for all the older guys, the ones that are younger than me but happy to see if they can kick some ass!!! This looks like it is going to be a very good season…..Anyone else agree with me ❓
    Thanks for this blog & everyone’s comments………………. :mrgreen:

    Liked by 3 people

  6. tedstrutz

    Thanks, LM. I think Michelle is a pretty shrewd player. She swayed the vote… not just Hanna’s. It was clever how she manipulated Michaela… and before anyone says “but she lied”… this is Survivor. Michelle is my new favorite player.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. swt2

    thanks to Lisa Marie for a grr8 post
    glad to see all of / well almost all of us from BBB and i too wish survivor came on tv at least twice a week …. but i watch Yucon Men on Monday ~ Sometimes Wicked Tuna



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