Survivor 34 Episode 8 “There’s A New Sheriff In Town”

Tonight’s episode of Survivor was a two-hour episode.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps there’s some sort of sporting event next week, since The Amazing Race is doing a two-hour episode tomorrow as well.

One thing about these double-sized episodes is that, because they’re longer than usual and feature twice as money comps and councils as usual, there’s always a tendency to think that they’re more dramatic than they actually are.  To be honest, nothing unexpected really happened tonight.  No one expected Hali to be a major force in the game and she wasn’t.  Everyone knew Ozzy would probably end up blindsided and he was.

First Hali was voted out.  I’m not totally sure why everyone suddenly turned against Hali.  To be honest, I’m still not totally sure how she came to be the one who was voted out.  Maybe it was because she didn’t really have any close allies and no one felt guilty for voting for her.  I know that Sierra was apparently worried that Hali had an idol, because Hali was acting too confident after the merge.

Of course, the original target was Michaela who, like Hali, didn’t have any close allies and was seen as being an “easy” vote.  But then Michaela and Cirie teamed up and, when Sierra started talking about splitting the votes between Hali and Michaela, Cirie saw an opportunity to convince everyone to just vote for Hali instead.

After spending much of this season in the background, Cirie really stepped up and proved herself tonight.  Cirie’s smartest move was to go ahead and vote for Michaela, even though she had convinced enough people to vote for Hali.  That way, if Cirie’s plan hadn’t worked, she could have claimed to have been targeting Michaela from the beginning.  It was a risky move but it paid off for her.

Here’s how that first vote went:

Andrea — Michaela

Aubry — Hali

Brad — Hali

Ciriie — Michaela

Debbie — Hali

Michaela — Zeke

Sara — Michaela

Sierra — Hali

Tai — Hali

Troyzan — Hali

Zeke — Michaela

Ozzy — Hali

Hali — Zeke

As I said, it was a messy tribal and I’m still not totally sure why everyone voted the way that they did.  But the important thing is that Hali was evicted with 4 votes and became the first member of the jury.

As for Ozzy — well, we all knew Ozzy wasn’t going to last.  What’s amazing is that, for all the times that Ozzy has been on the show, he still doesn’t seem to understand the importance of having a good social game.  Just being the “provider” and bragging about catching fish is not enough, especially after the merge.  The minute that Ozzy started bragging on himself while holding onto the pole during the immunity challenge, I knew he was doomed.

And I was sorry to see Ozzy go.  I like Ozzy.  I wanted Ozzy to finally win this season.  But Ozzy has got to learn from his mistakes or he’s going to get blindsided every time he appears on Survivor.

The second tribal vote was, in many ways, just as confusing as the first.  A lot of people received just one vote, which would seem to indicate that none of the alliances (if you can call them that) are particularly solid.  Personally, I think that it would have made more sense to get rid of Zeke, who is actually more of a threat to win than Ozzy.  But, at the last minute, Sierra and Debbie decided to go after Ozzy.  Debbie even wasted her extra vote on him.

(By the way, if I have to listen to Debbie talk about how difficult Exile was one more time…)

Here’s how the vote went:

Andrea — Zeke

Aubry — Zeke

Brad — Ozzy

Cirie — Sierra

Debbie — Two votes for Ozzy

Michaela — Zeke

Sarah — Ozzy

Sierrra — Ozzy

Tai — Ozzy

Troyzan — Ozzy

Zeke — Aubry

Ozzy — Zeke

By seven votes, Ozzy was voted out.

So, after tonight’s episode, here’s who is left in the newly formed Maku Maku Tribe:












Right now, Cirie seems to be playing the best game.  Zeke is also a threat to win, though he’s starting to get a little bit cocky.  (The same thing proved to be his downfall last season.)  As for who is playing the worst game, both Sierra and Debbie are coming on way too strong and getting rid of Ozzy is only going to make them worse.  I’m predicting blindsides for both of them.

That’s it for now!

Lisa Marie


8 thoughts on “Survivor 34 Episode 8 “There’s A New Sheriff In Town”

  1. williamswarriorkb

    I thought it was a pretty good episode and I’m glad all of the heavy hitters are gone now. I’m banking on Cirie to win since she’s always had the smarts for the strategic side but, she just gets out done in the final stages. I can’t wait for Zeke to go, he’s as annoying now as he was his first seaon. He hasn’t learned his lesson about over confidence yet it seems.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. smartsenior

    Crie and Zeke are trying to mask themselves so they can switch alliances whenever they want without being seen. They are both highly manipulative players who are playing all angles. Zeke got caught, Cirie hasn’t yet.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Karlla

    Time for Zeke to go! He is banking on the sympathy vote now that Varner outed him.
    Debbie needs to go so she can return to her “mega-force bad ass” military training, the scientist lab, or McDonald’s…where ever she came from!?!
    Cirie seems to be trying to step up her game but sometimes “loose lips sink ships”.
    I don’t see why Hali was taken out…I didn’t consider Hali a heavy-hitter.
    I didn’t see the point of a 2 hour show (?) the only games going on now are the NBA playoffs and Hockey and I don’t keep up with the NBA/Hockey enough to know when the games go on.
    Thanx again Lisa!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. star227

    Lisa..I liked your POV that the two hour show was no biggie. Just two shows back to back. Nothing earth shatering or different happened. Hali was an easy mark and I’m surprised they let Ozzy stay this long. He was trying to fade into the shadows most of the time but got a little cocky during the pole comp.That was enough for Debbie to throw him under the bus!
    As to both Survivor and TAR being 2 hrs this week, I just checked the TV guide and both are on at their regular times next week. Not pre-empted.. SO maybe CBS just needed a ratings boost?? Anyway, it was fun to see so much at one time. I always thot Survivor was a little skimpy when it came to airtime anyway.
    Thanks again for for a great write up!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. williamswarriorkb

      I’m thinking that they’re doubling up episodes since they started so late in the spring season and they need to be finished by late May. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have double evictions from both shows coming up.



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