Survivor 42.6 and 42.7 — Again, With The Hourglass!


Ugh!  I hate that hourglass!

The hourglass is probably the worst of the many twists that Survivor has recently introduced.  The three-part idol is overly complicated and the shot in the dark seems useless and I’m not a fan of people losing their votes at the Summit but at least all of those can be justified as just being a part of Survivor.  The hourglass goes against everything that Survivor is supposed to be about.

For those who may not know, the Hourglass was introduced last season and it returned last night.  As Julie Chen Moonves might say, here’s how it works:

In the past, whenever the tribes merged, they would just come together, have a feast, and then everyone would compete for individual immunity.  However, the show decided to shake things up last season.  Now, before the merge, the tribes are reshuffled into two groups.  The groups compete for reward/immunity.  The group that wins is told that they are safe and they’re given a big meal.  The group that loses is told that they will be competing for individual immunity and that anyone who doesn’t win immunity or isn’t already safe will be eligible to be voted out.  After the council, the tribes will officially merge.

So far so good, right?  I mean, it’s a bit too complicated for its own good but it’s not terrible.

Here’s the thing, though.  The winning team picks two players from the losing team.  One person gets to join the winning team and gets to take part in the feast and is safe.  The other person is sent to Exile Island where Jeff presents them with an hourglass.  They can either let the sand run out of the hourglass, which would leave the results the same.  Or they can smash the hourglass, which “changes history.”  The losing team suddenly becomes safe and the winning team has to compete for immunity.

It’s the worst Survivor twist ever.  The whole point of Survivor has been that, if you win a challenge, you get the reward.  Pre-merge, the show is as all about teamwork.  Post-merge, the show celebrates individual effort.  But the main point is that the winner gets the reward and gets bragging rights.  The hourglass twist makes a mockery of all that.  And since breaking the hourglass also gives immunity to whoever breaks it, it’s not as if there’s any suspense over what the person on Exile Island is going to do.  Of course they’re going to break the hourglass!

So, last night, Hai, Jonathan, Maryanne, Lydia, and Tori thought they had won the challenge.  They selected Lindsay to join them and they sent Rocksroy to Exile.  While Rocksroy went to Exile, the winners had their feast and then all of the players gathered on Vati Beach, where the majority of them agreed that Tori and Chanelle should be the first players to be targeted, post-merge.

Meanwhile, Rocksroy broke the hourglass.  The next day, at the immunity challenge, Jeff explained what had happened and that the losing group (Rocksroy, Chanelle, Drea, Mike, Omar, and Romeo) was now safe.  Hai, Johnathan, Maryanne, Lydia, Tori, and Lindsay now had to compete for individual immunity.  Tori managed to win the immunity contest, which was good for her because she was the number one target.

With both Tori and Chanelle safe, the question became who would be voted out.  At first, Jonathan seemed like an obvious target because he’s such a physical threat.  Hai and Omar, however, both wanted to keep Jonathan.  (Jonathan is Omar’s closest ally while Hai feels that Jonathan is such a big target that keeping people focused on him will also keep them from targeting Hai.)  While Jonathan tried to convince people that Maryanne was actually a bigger threat, Omar targeted Lydia and somehow, he managed to pull it off.  I’m not sure why Lydia was viewed as being a bigger threat than either Jonathan or Maryanne but she was and she was voted off the island as a result.

The final vote, which was a bit of a mess, went like this:

Omar voted for no one, because he lost his vote as a result of last week’s Summit meeting.

Chanelle and Tori voted for Jonathan.

Lydia and Romeo voted for Maryanne.

Rocksroy, for some reason, voted for Lindsay.

Everyone else on the new tribe voted for Lydia.

By a vote of 6-2-2-1, Lydia was voted off the island.

And the tribes finally merged!

Next week, jury selection begins!  Let’s hope that last night’s episode was the last time we will ever see that hourglass.

3 thoughts on “Survivor 42.6 and 42.7 — Again, With The Hourglass!

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