Survivor 42.8 “You Better Be Wearing a Seatbelt”


And the first member of the jury is….


…. Chanelle!

Well, that’s not really a surprise.  As soon as Tori won her second immunity challenge in a row, it was pretty obvious that Chanelle would be the next to go.  The merge clearly divided the tribe between the majority and a handful of players who are, as of right now, being picked off one-by-one.  Tori, Romeo, Chanelle, and Maryanne are being targeted right now.  Of that group, Mayanne is probably the strongest but because she’s so good at convincing people that she’s insecure and harmless, the majority went after Chanelle instead.

Of course, Romeo nearly saved Chanelle by getting paranoid that he was actually the target.  (Mike did tell a few people that Romeo was the target, just to keep Chanelle from catching on.)  As a result, Romeo started running around camp and talking to everyone and basically making a pest of out himself.  Hai decided that he wanted Romeo gone because he felt Romeo was causing too much chaos but, in the end, Mike was the one in charge.

The votes broke down as follows:

Drea, Hai, Jonathan, Lindsay, Mike, Rocksroy, and Tori all voted for Chanelle.  Even though Hai was the one who tired to convince everyone to vote out Romeo, he ended up going with the majority when it came time to vote.

Maryanne, Omar, and Chanelle voted for Romeo.  All three of these people were told that Romeo was the target as a part of Mike’s disinformation campaign.  This should be especially worrying to Omar, who spent most of this episode talking about how he was the only player to be trusted by both the majority and the outsiders.

Romeo voted for Hai.  I’m going to guess that Romeo heard that Hai was targeting him and, being paranoid, he probably thought he was doomed so he decided to vote for Hai as just a way to let Hai know what Romeo thought of him.  

And by a vote of 7-3-1, Chanelle became the first member of the jury.

In other news, Drea managed to get yet another advantage.  The Beware advantage, which she discovered during the Reward Challenge, gives her the ability to take away someone else’s immunity idol.  As much as I dislike all of the idols and the twists, I did like the way the Beware Advantage was covered in red paint.  It forced Drea to think quickly in order to cover her tracks.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get all of the red paint off of her arm and Tori now knows that Drea has an advantage of some sort.  Drea and Tori are both determined to get the other out though, in the end, I don’t think either one of them is quite as brilliant a strategist as they think they are.  They’re just been lucky when it comes to winning immunity and finding idols.

Finally, Omar and Mike had a few bonding moments.  Omar has a good social game but I think he’s also trying too hard to play both sides of the tribe.  People like him but eventually, they’re going to realize that he’s been making secret alliances were almost everyone on the beach and that could come back to take him out of the game.

Next week — two players go to jury!

See you then!


3 thoughts on “Survivor 42.8 “You Better Be Wearing a Seatbelt”

  1. marcellagwin

    I continue to adore Johnathan… he may replace Ozzy as my fave player of all time… yes, I like the strong, survivor oriented guys.. might because I’m the mom of 3 grown boys… probably… but I loved how Johnathan pulled another challenge out of the fire for his team. Of course, he’s also providing fish for dinner most every night… but they’ll target him soon enough. He’s strong, has a good social game… but I haven’t seen any evidence of a strong strategic game.. unless that IS his strategy. #teamjohnathan
    Poor Mary Ann. My heart went out to her last night when she asked the camera… “what’s wrong with me?” As a former teacher, I’ve seen too many young people feel left out of the “cool kids”, and I’ve never understood it.yes, she’s a chatterbox, but her delightful smile and warmth should charm anyone. They’ve charmed me. My youngest son, 21 now, said he just wanted to give her a hug in that moment…so did I. She’s just the type of player that accidentally on purpose makes to the end. My family is pulling for her.
    And please… anybody besides Tori.. win the next immunity… two winners… two going home… hopefully she’s one of them… I smell a blindside coming…


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